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DIY Air Filters Guide

When you are making the air ventilation in your home as efficient as possible, keeping your air filters clean is a must. Your home’s air quality is capable of dropping overnight when there is nothing to filter the air pumped inside. Providers like Filter King allow you to purchase filters with the additional option for a subscription. Your air filters periodically changing, and you could replace them yourself. The air filter replacement process is not difficult but it needed consistently to ensure high quality air for your home.

What Your Air Filter Does

An air filter keeps your home clear from the irritants, contaminants, and pollutants hidden in outside air. A ventilation system relies on the air filters to prevent the air running through it to leave any issues behind. When your home has clean, effective filters in place it makes a positive impact on the air you are breathing in. Your home, with higher air quality, is also safer for the residents inside.

Effects on Health

Air Filters need maintenance in order to make sure that your home’s air is clean and free from airborne problems that affect breathing. When your homes air quality is enhanced, there is less of a chance for any lung problems or asthma triggers to be floating around. Air filters block out harmful pollutants, smoke, and pollen that have harmful effects on people with breathing issues or are still developing. You will need to keep the air filters in your home consistently clean and functioning to prevent breathing complications from coming up.

Effects on Costs

When an air filter is dirty or ineffective, then that may lead to restrictive issues with air flow throughout your home. When there are airflow problems, then the ventilation system needs to use extra energy in order to have it circulating again. The extra energy used to compensate for the restricted air flow will show up on the energy bill at the end of the month. You can save on costs by making sure that the air filters are doing their job without stopping the air from coming inside.

Effects on Environment

The energy used to power a ventilation system ties directly into the environmental imprint your home has. If you want to keep your home green, then keeping your air filters clean is a must.

Air Filter Types and MERV Ratings

There are multiple types of filters that are able to affect the different aspects of a ventilation system. The first thing to know about the air filter types you can purchase is MERV levels. MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Rating Value, is the evaluation system used to gauge how effective an air filter is. Air filters at higher ratings have tighter weaves that dictate how thoroughly they filter any air passing through.

You may think that higher MERV rating mean that a filter is automatically better but this is not always the case. High MERV rated filters can be so tightly weaved that they actually end up restricting air flow throughout a system. The energy required to pump air through higher MERV rated filters end up on a monthly bill, increasing energy costs. High MERV Filters need more frequent cleaning or replacement, also adding to costs. You can find that it often more economic to purchase less restrictive filters for your home.

Replacing the Air Filter Yourself

The actual air filter replacement process itself only needs a few easy to follow steps:

Open the vent or covering leading to the filter. The owner's manual should tell you where the filter will be.

Remove any metal strips, screws, latches or clips keeping the filter in place. A screwdriver will be able to help you more easily remove any coverings.

Take out the air filter and then replace it with a new one or wash it. If you are replacing the filter then the new one will need to be identical to the last. There will be the nominal size number printed along the side of the replaced filters cardboard edge. The nominal number will help you order the correct filter size and model you need.

You need to make sure the “air in” and “air out” print is facing the correct direction.

Place the strips, screws, latches or coverings back again and close the compartment.

Invest in a Subscription for Quality Air Filters from a Reliable Provider

Air filter maintenance is not a one-time task. You are going to need to keep a ventilation system clean consistently over time in order to make sure your air quality does not begin to dip. Filter King offers quality replacement filters at affordable prices that allow you to stock up on the filters you need. Call us today and start cleaning up the air quality in your home today.

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