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17.5x27x1 Air Filter Merv 8
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17.5x27x1 Air Filter MERV 8

AC Furnace Air Filter 17.5x27x1 -Inches MERV 8

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Product Description

Item Model Number: FKFB17.5X27A
Brand: Filter King
Filter size: 17.5x27x1
Actual Size: 17.5 x 27 x .75
1-Inch Filter
MERV 8 Filter Rating
Protection From: Pollen, Dust, Mold, Dust Mites, Bacteria, Pet Dander, Smoke, Viruses
Residential / Commercial Use

Manufactured in the US

17.5x27x1a Air Filter Reviews

17.5x27x1 Air Filter

Filter King 17.5x27x1 size air filters are key components to their accompanying air systems, keeping the air coming in smooth and clean. The air filters are designed and constructed with a tight mesh weaving that allows air to come in naturally, while simultaneously being cleaned. The filtration process prevents any number of allergens or irritants from entering your home and causing problems for its indoor air quality. The air coming in will leave irritants with the filters, eventually causing them to become full and unable to properly allow airflow to pass through.

Your air filters are only able to remain effective for a finite amount of time before they become completely covered in irritants. The dirty air filters are not able to efficiently allow the passage of airflow, which cause immediate problems like the air inside your home drying out and stagnating. Your air systems also become increasingly strained over time as they attempt to bypass the blockage and push airflow through.

Your air systems are not able to handle the increased strain that come with dirty air filters for long. The issues that develop include costly repairs and a rise in energy billing that amount up to thousands of dollars annually. We offer new 17.5x27x1 air filters, and a subscription service to have them delivered to your home as often as monthly. Our filters have a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating of eight, and are capable of blocking out irritants like:

  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Dust Mites
  • Bacteria
  • Pet Dander
  • Smoke
  • Viruses

17.5x27x1 Furnace Filters

The furnace filters in your home system are in between where the airflow becomes heated and blower fan that distributes it. When the filter becomes dirty, then the airflow is unable to pass through causing a temperature buildup for the furnace. Your home will also see temperature fluctuations throughout its rooms as the heated air is unable to pass through into the duct system. Order your new air filters today and help your system avoid some of the costly problems that come with having dirty air filters.