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AC Furnace Air Filter 22x22x1 -Inches MERV 8

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Product Description

Item Model Number: FKFB22X22
Brand: Filter King
Filter size: 22x22x1
Actual Size: 21.5 x 21.5 x .75
1-Inch Filter
MERV 8 Filter Rating
Protection From: Pollen, Dust, Mold, Dust Mites, Bacteria, Pet Dander, Smoke, Viruses
Residential / Commercial Use

Manufactured in the US

22x22x1 Air Filter Reviews

22x22x1 Air Filter

Filter King 22x22x1 air filters work in the average home’s AC systems to keep incoming airflow clean. The air filters consist of a tight mesh weaving that allows airflow to pass through while making sure that it stays clean. Any harmful particles become trapped or absorbed while the fresh air cycles throughout your home. This raises indoor air quality and keeps the air inside your home comfortable and safe to breathe. However, the air filters will become dirtier over time and eventually require replacement before they cause any problems.

When the air filters in your home are dirty, they cause issues that cause difficulties for their systems and for your home. Fresh airflow is unable to travel through your dirty air filters into the vents behind. The resulting lack of air causes dryness and stagnation throughout your home. Your HVAC systems also become strained as they attempt to push fresh airflow past the dirty air filter and into your home. The resulting effort puts enough pressure on the system to cause mechanical damage over time. This strained process also uses additional electricity, leading to a rise in energy costs.

The air filters in your home require frequent filter replacement in order to make sure your systems continue to work properly. Filter King provides fresh new 22x22x1 air filters to install into your home's various systems. We offer an air filter delivery service with a subscription option, so new filters will arrive at your home periodically. Orders of two or more filters qualify for free shipping. Our filters rank as an eight on the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) scale, meaning they block irritants like:

  • Pollen
  • Household Dust & Lint
  • Mold Spores
  • Dust Mites
  • Bacteria
  • Pet Dander
  • Smoke
  • Viruses

22x22x1 Furnace Filters

Your 22x22x1 furnace filters are able to clean out incoming airflow that has been heated beforehand and is traveling into your home. If the air filters become dirty, then the problems that follow involve a serious rise in temperatures for the system. The heated airflow builds up and eventually causes mechanical damage as it becomes too much. Your home also suffers from a lack of heat since the airflow is unable to cycle in. Order new air filters today and keep your systems functioning properly.

Is It Time To Change Your 22x22x1 Air Filter?

Each manufacturer has a set of their own air filter replacement guidelines that provide the exact change frequency. However, most air conditioner and furnace filters have a lifespan of between 60 and 90 days. With Filter King's premium air filters, you can expect them to last up to 90 days without any filter efficiency loss.

MERV Rating 8, 11 & 13: Which Should You Use?

Depending on factors such as health, level of filtration required, and environment, the type of filter you choose can make all the difference. While air filters with high MERV ratings consist of tighter synthetic media with multiple layers of filtration, it's not always high-rated filters that are best, especially considering that these types of filters can put a lot of load on your HVAC system and therefore increase your energy bill. For example, most residential homes without anyone with mild to severe health conditions can do just well with a MERV 8 filter which is appropriate for removing household dust mites, mold spores, lint, etc. It's time for your home to get some clean air.

However, for homes with pets and people with allergies, we recommend MERV 11 air filter which is able to block allergens and pet dander. If you have severe allergic reactions, asthma, COPD, and respiratory issues, your best shot would be our highest-rated MERV 13 filter which can protect you against virus carriers.

22x22x1 Filter Delivery Services

Filter King offers professional subscription-based timely air filter delivery services that have fresh, new 22x22x1 air filters delivered straight to your doorstep, on time every time and we offer good price. The air filters arrive at your home and are ready for immediate use in an air system. Air filters need consistent maintenance, and with our subscription service, you can have them delivered as often as on a monthly basis. If you are looking for a custom size air filter, we can help. We offer free shipping on 2 or more orders, which is one great deal among the many that we offer. Order today and receive your shipment as soon as in 2 days.