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Apartments are small and compact, which means that the airflow going through them is that much more important. An apartment ventilation system with disrupted or inefficient airflow will end up having stale, dry air. In a worst case scenario, the filter may stop working entirely, leading to unfiltered air causing issues in a tight environment. You would not be able to tell immediately, but forgetting to replace your air filters can quickly change the livability of an apartment.

What Apartment Air Filters Do

Air filters clean out the air that a ventilation system is pumping by absorbing or trapping irritants and allergens in their tight weave. The newly filtered air then travels through the ventilation system and into the home. Incoming air has more than just the dirt and debris filtered out. Air filter also protects your home against any harmful allergens or pollutants that are commonplace in certain environments.

Health Benefits

Air filters for apartments keep the airborne pollutants and allergens out of your home and raise indoor air quality. The airborne irritants that are able to fill an apartment’s air range from irritating to dangerous when breathed in. An apartment is especially susceptible to airborne smoke and debris floating in the air. The residents, especially any children, in an apartment may develop breathing problems or have their allergies triggered when breathing in unfiltered air.

Lower Bills

When an air filter is dirty, then that leads to a blockage in the air system which causes the airflow to slow or stop. The air system works to compensate for any blockages by using additional energy to push the air through. The electricity used stacks up and eventually ends up on your energy bills. Clean air filters for your apartment and some air conditioner maintenance keeps costs from unnecessarily rising.

Air filters for apartments also have the added benefit of lowering your home’s environmental imprint too. The electricity that is not used to pump air through a dirty filter is energy not wasted by your home. When you buy and install new air filters, the result keeps costs low while also helping keep your home green.

How Often Apartment Air Filters Need to Be Replaced

Air filters need periodic replacement, especially in apartments. The average filter lasts 3-5 months but in an apartment a change may be necessary as often as 1-3 months. Air filter replacement is quick, simple, and only lasts minutes. Your air filter’s ability to last largely depends on both environment and the specific filters MERV rating.

MERV Ratings

An air filters MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, is a rating system that calculates filter effectiveness. Air filters consist of a tight mesh weave that protect your home, the tighter the weave the higher the MERV rating. Filters with high MERV ratings are usually reserved for industrial or commercial buildings. The average apartment uses average MERV rated filters to balance protection and better flow for the air coming inside.

Find the Right Air Filters for Your Apartment

Filter King offers air filters that are able to match the size of any apartment ventilation system. We also offer the filters in different models in order to provide a better range of options for our clients. The standard Filter King filter model is capable of blocking out:

  • Debris
  • Dust Mites
  • Dirt
  • Mold
  • Spores
  • Pet Dander

While useful, the recommended premium model is even to block out even more outside irritants and allergens. The premium model is able to protect against the same problems as the standard in addition to pet dander, smoke and viruses. Order the filter you need and even have the Filter King subscription service bring the new filters straight to your door monthly. Keep your home clean and fresh smelling with Filter Kings Air Filters for apartments.