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Air Filters for the Home

The air inside your home needs to be kept clean to prevent discomfort and health issues for you and the other people who live there. Air filters for homes have the important job of cleansing passing airflow.

Air filters keep irritants, allergens and contaminants out of your home. Home air filters are able to keep the air you breathe smelling clean and fresh, but they do not last forever. You will eventually need to replace the air filters in your home to ventilation system issues and any dips in air quality.

Needing Air Filters for Home

You are going to need air filters in your home in order to prevent natural air contaminants from affecting indoor air quality. Air filters absorb and trap passing particles ranging from allergens to dangerous pollutants. When homes are in areas that have high levels of airborne irritants, air filters are invaluable to breathing easy. If your air filtration is not maintained, then the problems that result affect resident health and home billing.

Your old filters will become dirtier and more ineffective over time as they continue to absorb and trap particles. Eventually, air filters become so covered in dirt and debris that they become an issue. The mesh weaving in dirty air filters become blocked, creating an obstacle for passing airflow. The ventilation system needs to use more energy to push airflow past the blockage, increasing your energy billing.

Changing Home Air Filters

You should first check and see if your ventilation system is in need of maintenance. Air filters keep problematic air particles out, but when they are dirty or worn, they’ll require cleaning. You will need a new air filter to prevent any further irritants and contaminants from entering. You will need to order a replacement filter of similar size to the old one in order to effectively protect your ventilation system.

You will be able to see the length, width, and thickness of the air filters in place by taking them out and reading the cardboard border. A nominal number is on a filter’s edge and will tell you the correct size for the replacement filter. We provide air filters for homes that require sizes as small as 8 x 24 x 1 to as large as 25 x 30 x 1. Our filters are able to fit a variety of ventilation types and furnace systems.

Home Furnace Air Filters

Your home furnace filters trap and absorb air particles that manage to make it through the airflow heating process. When air pumps inside a furnace, it heats up to the preferred temperature indicated by your thermostat. The newly heated air travels through a furnace filter before reaching the blower fan for distribution.

Like home air conditioner air filters, furnace filters will require changing out to avoid blockage problems. When heated airflow cannot leave the furnace, it begins to build up and is unable to reach any rooms. Temperatures inside the furnace begin to build up too, leading to extreme temperatures that may cause severe damage. The rate of filter replacement is generally dependent on home environment and filter MERV ratings.

MERV Ratings

Your home air filters rank on the MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, rating system. The system rates filters based on the tightness of their mesh weaving. Higher MERV ratings for filters mean more effective filtration. You often see that carbon air filters for home are often rated more highly that lower standard filters such as fiberglass or pleated. The average home benefits the most from filters that balance protection, freedom of airflow and affordability.

Our air filters protect home while also providing a level of freedom for airflow to prevent blockage problems. Air filters with high MERV ratings are generally only used for industrial or commercial buildings. Air filters with tighter mesh weaving require more powerful airflow, which means stronger systems and additional energy costs. Our recommended premium filters rate at 11 on the MERV scale, allowing for air to pass through more easily and protecting against:

  • Dust Mites
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Smoke
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mold

Have Air Filters Delivered to Your Home Monthly

When you need to replace your old filters, the most difficult part is usually purchasing a new filter. We offer a subscription service that has new filters delivered straight to your home as often as monthly. The new filters are ready for use as soon as they arrive so you can be breathing in fresh air within minutes. Contact us today and see about having your custom order set up and ready to protect your home.