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Air Filters for Your House

Air quality in a house more comfortable and healthy when filtered properly. When you have air filters installed, you keep the air you breathe free of dangerous irritants, contagions, and allergens. Air filters cleanse passing airflow by trapping and absorbing passing harmful particles. Your air filters are important but they eventually need replacing or they lose their viability. A dirty filter will eventually become a problem that’s a drain on home resources and adversely impacts air quality.

Benefits of New House Air Filters

House air filters improve indoor air quality and keep airborne problems outside. The air filters in an air system trap and absorb allergens and pollutants that travel within passing airflow. Cleansed air is important for houses in environments that have high levels of harmful airborne particles. You are going to need clean air filters in place for certain seasons where allergens and odors are especially liable to enter your home. Air filters are able to stop the air particles that cause breathing issues, lingering odors, and trigger allergies.

Household air filters protect against harmful airborne particles, but they become dirtier over time. The dirty filters become so covered in trapped particles that they become a blockage in the system. Blocked air systems require more energy for the airflow to come through efficiently. An air system using more energy will increase your electrical billing over time if a new filter is not put in place.

Putting In New House Filters

The first thing to do when working with air filters for houses is to ensure that the air system is kept clean. If an air filter is dirty or old, there may be an issue where airborne irritants have entered the air system and made their way into your home. New air filters will keep a system clean and allow airflow to pass efficiently without further problems. You will need to know the required size of the replacement filters and how many air filters your house has that need to be replaced.

You will be able to see what size air filters to order for the replacement by reading the printed number on the old filters cardboard edge. The nominal number is a series of three digits indicating length, width, and thickness. We provide air filters in a wide variety of sizes to match your house’s needs and the specifications required by your air systems.

House Furnace Filters

For a house the furnace filter air system works by having fresh air pumped inside before being heated. The warm air is pushed through a furnace filter before a blower fan sends it throughout your home. If the furnace filter is dirty or inefficient, then the resulting airflow issues will cause temperature fluctuations. Your house may experience inconsistent temperatures from room to room if the filter is working correctly. You can gauge a filter’s lasting strength by the environment of a house and the filters MERV rating.

House Filter MERV Ratings

Air filters are rated on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value system that measures the tightness of filter mesh weaving. Higher MERV rated filters are able to trap and absorb smaller particles passing through in the airflow. Tighter filters also cause airflow complications similar to dirty filters. A house air filter is best balanced with both protection and affordability in mind.

Filter King model filters are made for houses. Our Filter have MERV ratings that boast protective qualities and that do not burden a household budget. Our standard model air filter is rated as an 8 on the MERV scale and can protect your home against basic airborne particles. Our premium filter model come recommended and can protect your home against particles as varied as:

  • Dust Mites
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Smoke
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mold

Order New House Air Filters for Monthly Arrival

We offer a subscription service that has new filters brought straight to your door monthly. Do not worry about the air quality of your home when your orders match your specific size, quantity and quality needs. You can avoid damaging dry, stagnant, contaminated air today by ordering filters for your house. Order today and start breathing in fresh, clean air as soon as possible.