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Best Home Contractors in West Virginia

Do you live in West Virginia and want to embark on a home construction project? Are you thinking of renovating your home in West Virginia? Great! Check out our list of 5 best home contractors in West Virginia. Our choice of these contractors is based on their level of expertise, clients' reviews, and pricing. Join us as we unveil these top home contractors in West Virginia.

Rising Sun Construction

Do you want a home construction company that offers you the best aesthetics and quality of home designs with natural building materials? Then the Rising Sun Construction Company may be your preferred choice. The company is owned by Chris Bailey, who is a Fine Arts Graduate from West Virginia University. He is also a master wood maker and steers the company towards meeting the demands of clients with his touch of artistic perfection.

Rising Sun specializes in helping you create outstanding building designs. The company can assist in building your home from scratch or customize existing building plans. If you have purchased your land, you can contact the company to help you customize your project blueprints. Rising Sun Construction also offers consultation services for site plan work.

In terms of pricing, Rising Sun offers competitive prices for new and custom home construction. You can get the best hands and high-quality building materials at friendly prices because Rising Sun has a well-defined pricing structure.

Several things make Rising Sun Construction unique - one of them is the company's expertise in client management. The company is transparent and effectively communicates its budget and overall cost. Rising Sun is known for its high-level craftsmanship by considering every project as a work of art. It has received many recognitions for its innovative construction works recently, including being named HABWV’s 2019 best remodeling project class IV in West Virginia, one of the runner-ups to the best custom home builder in 2019, and 2018 best single-family home class VI.

RC General Contractors

Are you looking at renovating your dream home or do you want to customize your commercial space to meet your specific design and needs? Then you can reach out to RC General Contractors. RC General was founded by Greg Casdorph and Tom Reece in 1997, and they specialize in helping you remodel your existing spaces or custom new buildings.

The company works excellently with suppliers, designers, and other subcontractors to ensure that your projects are completed on time. RC General is one of the best home building contractors in West Virginia, and they are always on ground to offer you evaluation and exploration consultation services.

The company also offers you impeccable craftsmanship by ensuring the supply of experienced artisans and carpenters to complete your project successfully. RC General helps you to plan with your budget and advise you on the best approach that you can take to help you bring your project to life.

RC Generals has worked on over one hundred residential and commercial projects since its inception. The company has a significant cost control policy to assist you in planning and budgeting. The company creates a safe work environment for its employees who always offer their best in satisfying clients.

Almost Heaven Contracting

Our list of 5 best home contractors in West Virginia won’t be complete without mentioning Almost Heaven Construction. Almost Heaven Construction offers you the best home designs that give you a feeling of being in Heaven. The company specializes in residential construction, bathroom remodels, commercial services, custom homes, sliding installation, basement finishing, etc.

Almost Heaven also specializes in home maintenance by providing you with well-trained professionals to ensure that your home retains its heavenly look. The company's sister company provides homeowners with essential air solutions such as HVAC installation and maintenance, heating and cooling equipment services, and emergency repair services.

The company takes pride in providing you satisfaction in professionalism, timeliness, and quality. Almost Heaven Construction understands the financial investment placed in the project and is poised to see that your dream home is realized. One outstanding attribute of Almost Heaven Construction is its commitment to helping you plan and structure your budget to meet your desired goal. The company offers you competitive prices for its services while ensuring that your satisfaction remains its utmost objective.

DuPaul Construction

DuPaul Construction has been in existence for more than thirty years in West Virginia, and they have bragging rights as “West Virginia's Premier Home Remodeling Firm.” If what you seek is quality craftsmanship and high work proficiency in home remodeling or customization, then DuPaul Construction should be a company to consider.

No matter how complex your building design and renovation wishes are, DuPaul Construction is capable of turning your dreams into realities. The company offers impeccable residential building services such as kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and basement remodeling. It also helps to design garages for your homes with the intent of giving your home safety and beauty.

DuPaul Construction boasts of a workforce made up of expert artisans and engineers. The company offers you a rewarding home remodeling and construction experience. That is not all; the company also offers you the most competitive prices for different types of projects. You also get warranties and insurances for its services and construction materials. You can reach out to DuPaul today for free quotes on your project.

JC Smith LLC

One of the best home contractors in West Virginia that you would love to work with is JC Smith LLC. JC Smith LLC offers you a variety of commercial and home construction services. The company specializes in providing high quality and cost-effective building contracting services to residents in West Virginia.

Without compromising quality, JC Smith residential services cut across bathroom remodeling, exterior remodeling, and exterior additions (buildings and porches). The company also specializes in historic restorations, finished basements, roof replacements, kitchen remodeling, commercial and government construction services, etc. With JC Smith, the plan is to exceed your home renovation expectations through quality materials, overall integrity, and quality customer service.

JC Smith LLC workers are construction experts and highly-trained in structural designs and international residential codes to ensure you get the best at all times. In terms of pricing, JC Smith LLC is known to offer competitive prices to clients. The company has received numerous awards and recognitions in recent years, including HABWV’s Best in West Virginia Building Award 2019, Best Women Owned Business 2019, Top-rated Construction Company by HomeAdvisor, and Best of the Best in Excellence for The Journal’s Reader’s Choice. You can request a free quote right now and be on your way to living in your dream home.

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