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18x20x1 Air Filter

AC Furnace Air Filter 18x20x1-Inches

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Product Description

Brand: Filter King
Filter size: 18x20x1
Actual Size: 17.75 x 19.75 x .75
1-Inch Filter
MERV 8 Filter Rating
Protection From: Pollen, Dust, Mold, Dust Mites, Bacteria, Pet Dander, Smoke, Viruses
Residential / Commercial Use

Manufactured in the US

18x20x1 Air Filter

HVAC filters are necessary components to any system where incoming airflow cycles in your home. Airflow is often full of harmful microparticles irritants that cause discomfort and breathing problems for anyone inside the household. HVAC and furnace systems need 18x20x1 air filters as protection against the many airborne contaminants that try to enter the system. The filters act as cleansers, their tight mesh weave absorbing and trapping particles passing by in the airflow. As the particles become trapped, they begin to fill in the mesh and eventually cover the filter entirely. When the home air filter becomes too dirty, then it is important to remove it and use a new one to ensure fresh, clean air entering your home.

18x20x1 Air Filter For Residential Use

The average home has a fair amount of problems with airborne particles, the amount of which depends on factors like pollution or season. Pollutants and allergens that float around may be the cause of breathing problems or allergic reactions or even the source of their development. The filters in a system prevent irritants from passing through, they do so until they are unable to absorb or trap any more contaminants such as pollen, fine dust, fumes, mold spores, and in some cases, virus carriers. When dirty air filters are full of particles, the mesh becomes full and the filter itself becomes a blockage in the system.

A dirty filter is unable to adequately process airflow, leading to a distinct lack of fresh air throughout your home. The air conditioner in your home needs cycling or it begins to dry out and stagnate, and therefore reducing the air filter's efficiency and in turn causing lower indoor air quality. New air filters allow air to pass through without a problem, lowering complications and increasing the comfort of your home.

18x20x1 Air Filter Use for Apartments

Apartments have fewer options to bring in fresh air, their smaller size also makes every breath of air that much more important. Air filters keep incoming air clean and cleanse out the airflow traveling throughout the system. In a home like an apartment, residents like smokers or pets become especially problematic. Smoke particles and pet dander have the tendency to float through your home and settle on any open surface they can when not filtered out through a system. Old filters are unable to properly process airflow, which means that the airborne particles build up and cause multiple complications in your home. New air filters keep the air flowing without a problem and providing protection to indoor air quality.

18x20x1 Furnace Filter

The heating and cooling systems in your home needs air filters to prevent the incoming airflow from bringing in any irritants. The furnace system has the filters installed in between the heating area and the blower fan used to distribute the air. Heated air travels through the ducts and warms up your home, bringing heat without any intruding irritants. Like other air systems, furnace filters become dirtier over time and need regular maintenance to avoid problems with blocked airflow.

When regular filters are dirty, that leads to complications with air quality, furnace filters have the same problem but with additional dangers as well. Blocked furnace filters trap the heated air, which in turn cause the furnace to become increasingly hot. Temperatures build to an extreme degree, to the point where the furnace is severely damaged and the whole system is put at risk. Furnace filter maintenance prevents complications with blockages and keeps your home safe from mechanical failures.

18x20x1 Air Filter Changing Practices

Air filter changing is a simple process, but one that is necessary to make sure that no complications affect the air systems. The replacement schedule is often dependent on the environment of your home and the efficiency of its 18x20x1 filters. Your home’s environment should tie into how often you purchase new filters, areas with more airborne irritants tend to clog filters at a faster rate. Indoor air particles also need to cycle out of your home, fresh airflow carries in the clean air while taking the old out.

A filter will capture and trap any and all the particles that it can out of passing airflow, their efficiency ranked in a measured system. Your filter’s MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating simplifies its efficiency by ranking the filter on an easy to follow scale. Filter King 18x20x1 air filters ranks as an 8 on the MERV scale, meaning that the mesh weaving is tight enough to block a host of irritants. Particles microns in size become absorbed or trapped, including:

  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Dust Mites
  • Bacteria
  • Pet Dander
  • Smoke
  • Virus

Replacing an Old Filter

Installing a new ac filter is a simple process, the owner’s manual for an air system often describes in detail where they need to go. Once found, the dirty filter should go into a sealed bag to avoid any of the particles from flying off. You are able to see the old filters size along its cardboard edge, allowing you to order a new filter in a similar size to fit into the system. A new filter is installed and fresh air is able to pass through without incident. This process should repair consistently and on a schedule to prevent the air filters from becoming too dirty and affecting the airflow in a system.

18x20x1 Air Filter Delivery

Filter King offers professional delivery services that have fresh, new air filters delivered straight to your doorstep, on time every time. The air filters arrive at your home and are ready for immediate use in an air system. Air filters need consistent maintenance, and with our subscription service, you can have them delivered as often as on a monthly basis. We offer free shipping on 2 or more orders, which is one great deal among the many that we offer. Order today and receive your shipment as soon as in 2 days.