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Air filters are vital parts ventilation, furnace, and AC systems. The filters keep airflow passing through cleansed of intruding particles. Various air systems in a building will bring in air regardless of any pollutants, allergens or contagions that may be present. The air filters in a system consist of a tight mesh weaving designed to trap and absorb passing particles. Over time, the air filters will have stopped so many particles that they will see a significant dip in efficiency and require replacement. When you purchase air filters in bulk you reduce the risk of air system issues with replacements ready for use.

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The Function of Air Filters

The air filters in a system act as a protective safety measure to prevent the entry of any airborne problems trying to enter a building. The indoor air quality of a building is best kept to a certain standard in order to avoid discomfort or dangerous reactions. Low quality unfiltered air may contain any number of irritants including:

  • Dust Mites
  • Smoke
  • Pet Dander
  • Pollution
  • Pollen
  • Asbestos
  • Mold
  • Bacteria.

Requiring New Air Filters

Your clean air filters will provide cleansed air and prevent harmful particles from entering an air system, but they do not last forever. An air filter will become so covered in captured particles that its effectiveness will begin to drop and other complications begin to grow. If you do not replace your old air filters then over time a building will start seeing a change in indoor air quality and billing.

Dirt air filters can become so clogged with particles that their mesh weaving becomes a blockage in an air system. A lack of fresh airflow will cause the indoor air quality of a building to dry out and become stagnant. Old air is both uncomfortable and harmful to the lungs, causing the development or triggering of breathing problems. Fresh air keeps a building's air clean and the air systems will attempt to push the airflow forward at cost to you.

Your air system uses increased electricity in an attempt to bypass a blockage in an attempt to keep the airflow going. When a system pushes its limits then the resulting wear on the machinery could lead to mechanical failure or complete shutdown. The increased energy usage also creates a larger electrical draw that results in increased billing. New air filters can save you up to thousands of dollars annually on air system repairs and energy costs.

Bulk Furnace Filters

Furnace air filters cleanse the passing heated air before it reaches the blower fan. The air in a furnace warms to the appropriate degree but not cleaned until passing through the filter. Your furnace filters will also need maintenance over time in order to avoid any problems with blockage or lower air quality.

A furnace filter blockage can trap heated air causing temperature fluctuations throughout the air system. A furnace with no way to release its air is also in danger of overheating and becoming severely damaged. You can purchase air filters in bulk to have a ready supply of furnace filters to replace the old ones and avoid any clogging issues.

How Long Do Your Filters Last?

Bulk air filters are useful for buildings in environments that see an excess of pollutants or allergens. Air filters will trap and absorb all the particles that they can result in a need for regular filter maintenance and replacement. You will be able to more accurately gauge your bulk air filters lasting ability by taking Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ratings into account. The rating system allows you to see how effective your air filters are at trapping particles, and how quickly they will become clogged over time.

Enjoy Whole Air Filter Delivery

We offer bulk air filter delivery that allows you to match your air filter requirements. You are able to order the quantity of air filters you need, along with having multiple quality and sizing options. Our subscription option offers you the chance to have all the filters you need delivered as often as monthly straight to your door. Protect the air you breathe with new air filters brought in bulk as often as you need!

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