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Residential Air Filters

A residence’s air quality is an important aspect to keep track of, in order to keep the air clean and healthy to breathe. Air filters are able to absorb and trap particles pumped in by the ventilation system. An unfiltered ventilation system suffers from effects that are serious and can even be dangerous. The irritants and pollutants that are able to come into your home are able to trigger allergies or cause breathing problems.

Air Filter Protection for a Residence

The air filters in your home add a protective layer to your air system in order to keep airborne irritants, like pollutants, or allergens outside. If your residence is in an area with high levels of irritants then air filters are necessary to keep an air system clean. A residence will see an improvement in indoor air quality with clean filters keeping the passing airflow irritant free. A clean air filter protects resident health and helps ease residence billing.

When your old filters become dirty, this causes a blockage in the air system that disrupts airflow. The air system will then need to use additional energy to push past the blockage and keep the air going. The air systems continuous use of more electricity will end up costing you extra on billing. When you leave the dirty filters, you invite higher costs and problems with residential air quality. It is in your best interest to regularly maintain your air filters to prevent any complications and keep residence air comfortable to breathe.

Changing Residence Air Filters

When your air system is in need of maintenance, then you should check to see if the old air filters have caused any problems. Worn air filters may create an opening for dust and debris to enter a ventilation system. The new irritants are able to float through the air system and enter your home lowering air quality and causing breathing problems. A new air filter will protect your home but it will need to be able to fit in place.

You can read the size of the filter you need by reading the numbers on the cardboard edge of the old filter. The nominal number is the number you will be using to order the new filter replacement. Filter King is able to provide filters in sizes ranging from 8 x 24 x 1 to 25 x 30 x 1. Our filters are able to match a wide variety of ventilation system sizes and protective needs.

Quality Air Filters

Filter King filters come in two models, both designed to protect your home but able to match your budgetary needs. The standard stale filter is able to absorb and trap basic airborne particles such as: Dust, dust mites, mold, dirt, and pollen. The standard air filter affordable yet still provides necessary filtration for a residence.

We recommend that your purchase our premium model air filter, the more efficient and protective of the two. While the air filter is more expensive, the costs go into a tighter mesh weaving. The premium air filter model is able to block out basic issues and smaller particles as well like smoke and pet dander. Each air filter model provides different protection and requires changing periodically. The replacement schedule often depends on the air filter’s environment and MERV rating.

Residential Air Filter MERV Ratings

The MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, system is a calculated method of rating air filter effectiveness. Air filters consist of a tight mesh weave, the tightness of this weave determines the particles it will be able to block. A residential air filter often requires air filters that are often more moderately MERV rated.

Higher MERV rated filters are ill-suited for residential locations. Air filters with increased weaving cause airflow complications and higher energy costs. A standard model filter ranks as an 8 on the MERV scale, while premium filters rank as an 11. Both filters provide vital protection and freedom of airflow that prevents further difficulties down the line.

Have Your New Residential Air Filters Delivered Monthly

You can have new air filters delivered straight to a residence monthly when you order from Filter King. Our subscription service lets you choose the rate of delivery, the quantity of filters ordered, their size and quality. You do not have to worry about the air you breathe in with new air filters bringing indoor air quality up. Order today and have a residence smelling fresh and clean!

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