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Square Air Filters

Your home needs air filters in order to keep the air that you are breathing clean and raise a home's indoor air quality. Air filters act as your home air system’s cleanser, keeping airborne issues outside and bringing clean airflow in. Square air filters match the standard home ventilation system and are customizable to match your needs.

Customizing Your Square Air Filters

Square air filters from Filter King are fully adaptable to match your home’s needs. First, you need to know what filters you need. Square air filters will have a number printed on their cardboard edge, telling you their length, width and thickness. Once you know the dimensions of the filter you are going to need the customization will be able to fit your requirements. Filter King square air filters orders are modifiable to fit practically any home air system.

There are several custom size options available in order to match a large variety of home air system sizes. Our custom air filters can be sized in dimensions as small as 8 x 24 x 1 to as large as 25 x 30 x 1 and all several sizes in between. The square air filter size helps them fit your system while their quality ensures they do their job well.

The Quality of Your Square Filters

Square air filter quality has a direct impact on indoor air and the various other aspects of an air system’s efficiency. A square air filters quality and effectiveness can be distinguished using the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) system. The system is standard for filters and can tell you just how defended your air system is.

Your air filters are composed of a tight mesh weave that is made to catch or absorb passing particles inside airflow. The mesh weave’s tightness determines its MERV rating and the size of the particles it is able to capture. An air filter for the home cannot have its MERV rating be too high or the weave tightness may actually start affecting airflow. The best air filters for your home find a balance between protection and allowing airflow to pass.

Filter King Square Air Filters

Our square air filters are able to protect against a host of airborne contaminants, irritants and allergens. You may buy the filters in the size you need and with quality matching your budgetary needs. The Filter King standard model filter is rated as an 8 on the MERV scale. The standard air filter is capable of blocking out the basic airborne irritants surrounding a home.

Our premium model filter is the recommended one, and rated as an 11 on the MERV scale. The premium filter is capable of blocking out basic irritants and particles as small as smoke or even viruses. Our filters offer protection up until the point where they will need to be replaced.

Replacement Square Filters

When your air filters become dirty over time, this can cause issues that only grow worse over time. Dirty air filters create a blockage for airflow that causes the system to require extra energy to push it forward. The airflow may not even be able to pass by the dirtied air filter, causing the rooms in your home to lose their fresh, clean smell. Air filters with high quality become dirty faster due to their increased ability to block contaminants.

You should avoid needing to handle a dirty filter before it becomes more than an airflow problem. When the air system need to use extra electricity in an attempt to move past the blockage, what results is a spike in energy usage. You could see a leap up in electrical bills when your air filters are not maintained and replaced.

Have New Square Air Filters Delivered Monthly

We work to provide the square air filters you need to keep your air smelling fresh and clean. Our subscription offer ensures that you do not have to worry about lacking a new filter when the time comes for maintenance. We deliver a new filter straight to our home as often as by the month in whatever sizes, quantities or qualities that you need.

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