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How To Change Your Furnace Filter (Replacement Guide)

A furnace filter is an important part of any home’s ventilation system, helping keep the air going through your home smelling fresh and clean. Furnace filters need periodic changing or they become dirty and ineffective. You can swap out furnace filters easily in a process that usually only takes moments. The furnace filter replacement steps are easy and simple to follow.

Steps for Changing a Furnace Air Filter

Changing Furnace air filters is easy and requires a few easy steps.

You will need to find out what size filters are actually needed for the filter replacement. The furnace needs to be off so that you can remove the current filter either inside the furnace of the air return vent. The filter size number you are looking for is on the cardboard frame.

Order the replacement filter you need in the size required. Filter King offers filters in a variety of sizes and qualities to match your furnace and fiscal needs.

Slide the old filter out of a furnace and place the new one inside. There are arrows that show which directing a filter needs to face.

How to Know If Furnace Filter is Working

When a filter is properly inserted and the furnace turned back on, the furnace filter will work to full effect. The ventilation system in your home will then have the airflow go through the furnace. The furnace heats the air to the right degree before a blower fan pushes the air back out for distribution throughout your home. The furnace filter prevents the air going through the fan from distributing any unclean, unsafe air into your home. Allergens and pollutants absorb into the filter, enhancing indoor air quality as the air becomes cleaner.

Why Do You Need to Change Your Furnace Filters

Furnace filters become dirtier over time, and the dirtier they become the less effective they are. A dirty furnace filter creates a blockage that forces the ventilation system to compensate. The air system increases its energy output in order to keep the air flowing past the blockage.

The system’s use of extra electricity increases your home's energy bills and continues to stack up as long as the dirty filter is still in place. A furnace filter must periodically cleaned, the frequency of which relies on both environment and MERV rating.

MERV Ratings

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating is an efficiency indication system for air filters. Furnace filters consist of a tight mesh weave designed to trap the small particles within passing airflow. The filters with tighter weaves are higher rated on the MERV scale and are capable of stopping smaller particles. High MERV rated filters are usually reserved for industrial or commercial buildings. The average home furnace requires more moderate filters.

Finding the Right Furnace Filter for You

When you are deciding what type of filter your furnace requires, it is important to know that there are options. We offer filters in a variety of sizes and qualities in order to match different furnaces and budgets. The standard furnace filter model rank on the MERV scale as an 8 and can block and absorb basic airborne allergens and irritants such as:

  • Dust
  • Dust Mites
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Bacteria

The recommended premium model is capable of blocks and absorbs the same particles, and smaller particles as well like:

  • Smoke
  • Pet Dander
  • Viruses

Have Your Filters Delivered to the Front Door

When you are changing furnace filters, it is your best interest to buy them from a quality provider. We offer filters at prices you afford with options that ensure you get the furnace filter you need. We even offer a subscription service that has fresh, new furnace filters delivered straight to your home. The new filters are clean and ready for immediate use, and are able to arrive monthly. Order your filters today and make sure your furnace is churning out clean, fresh smelling air.

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