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Hypoallergenic Furnace Air Filters

The furnace filters in your home will bring in fresh air for heating before dispersal into your home. The air pumped inside may be fresh, but that does not mean that it comes in clean of any airborne issues. Hypoallergenic air filters in an air system filter any and all incoming airflow free of intruding particles. We offer filters capable of preventing entry top allergens and a host of other airborne irritants trying to enter through your furnace.

The Purpose of Furnace Filters

Your furnace air filters are tools to keep indoor air quality up and free of allergens that may trigger a reaction in allergic residents. Furnace filters consist of a tight mesh weaving that is capable of drawing out the intruding particles from passing airflow. Particles become blocked out while airflow passes through the mesh openings and enter the air system. Hypoallergenic air filters focus on trapping and absorbing allergens in particular, but they eventually reach certain limits.

Furnace Filter Effectiveness Over Time

When air filters draw in allergens, the process leads to more and more particles covering the filter and its openings. Dirty mesh weaving is unable to receive airflow and the result is a blockage in the system. The airflow leaving a furnace needs to flow free of obstruction or the result could be temperature fluctuations in your home. When heated air is not released, then the furnace can face severe damage as a result.

You will need to maintain your furnace air systems or the machinery in the system may be severely damaged. The heat building up in a furnace is able to raise the temperature to a degree that the mechanisms are unable to process effectively. The air system will attempt to push airflow through and the resulting increase in electricity usage will wear down mechanisms. An air system’s increased usage of energy will also end up raising your billing.

Replacing Your Furnace Filters

You will need to swap out the old furnace filters for new, clean ones in order to avoid any problems with your air system. You will be able to better understand when a filter requires changing by taking environment and filter efficiency into account. The environments surrounding your home can be full of pollutants and allergens capable of triggering a reaction. The issues become especially problematic during certain seasons when pollen and dander are more widespread.

When air filters need to process more particles such as allergens, they become dirtier much faster. The rate that furnace filters absorb and trap particles is measurable by understanding their MERV ratings. A furnace filters MERV, Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, rating is the calculated, measured tightness of its mesh weaving. The higher MERV rated a hypoallergenic furnace filter is the more allergens it is able to prevent from entering an air system.

Filter King Model Hypoallergenic Air Filters

We provide multiple air filters of differing qualities in order to better provide options better suited to your budget and needs. Our basic model filters are MERV rated 8 and capable of trapping and absorbing the basic airborne particles trying to enter your home. Our recommended premium air filters are MERV rated 11 and much more capable of keeping a variety of allergens from exiting the furnace. Premium air filters are capable of preventing the passage of:

  • Dust Mites
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Smoke
  • Mold

Have Hypoallergenic Furnace Filters Brought to Your Front Door

When the residents of your home suffer from allergies, then it is your best interest to keep your air filters clean and effective. New air filters need to have the MERV ratings required to block out allergens, and then put in place before old filters lose their effectiveness. We offer a subscription service to have new air filters brought straight to your door ready to replace your old ones. Avoid allergy reactions by having your furnace filters kept allergen free!

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