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Ruud Air Filters and Furnace Filters

Ruud specializes in making Whole House Exact Fit Media Air Cleaners to fit their Ruud units in homes throughout the world. They fit snugly into units to ensure that particles and dirt can’t fall or drop into your unit, keeping it cleaner and lasting longer.

Ruud was founded in the 1880s by Edwin Ruud, who specialized in making water heaters. With the prevalence in air conditioning systems, and with decades of dedication to engineering and design, they came out with air conditioning units that are now in homes across America, as well as in many well-known buildings.

At Filter King, we pride ourselves in providing fast shipping of premium air filters of all sizes and types directly to your home. Filter King has been entrusted by Ruud as an official representative to provide replacement filters for your unit, and to help you achieve the healthy air quality you want in your home.

How Filters Affect Your Health

When you choose high-quality air filters to use in your home, you can improve the quality of the air you and your loved ones breathe in. There are a number of reasons why you must change your air filters regularly. Filters work by blocking harmful particles from passing through your air-conditioning unit and into the air circulating in your home. This barrier allows you to enjoy fresher, healthier air to breathe and can improve the health of family members with allergies or asthma.

The kind of particles that Ruud air filters can block are:





Animal hair

Human hair


But all of these particles can collect overtime. Filters are designed to allow for a certain amount of accumulation since they’re designed to collect harmful materials. Unfortunately, if you go too long between changes, that accumulation turns into an impenetrable barrier that doesn’t allow for air to flow properly, which will drive up your energy costs. Eventually, your unit can break.

Filters are far less expensive than repairs. Prices vary depending on the type of filter you need for your unit, whether you have pets, and if you have anyone living in your home who suffers from allergies.

Built On Decades Of Filtration Development

In the early 1970s, more people started thinking about energy conservation. Additionally, central air-conditioning units and cooling systems became more ubiquitous as technology . That’s when more people start spending more time indoors. But it soon became apparent that activities inside, such as burning candles, cooking or using air fresheners, could aggravate allergies and asthma. More and more consumers became interested in finding ways to improve the air quality in their homes.

Today’s air filter and furnace filter technology combines the design and innovation that have developed by Ruud engineers and scientists over the past 100 years. Again, all Ruud filters are built to fit Ruud units. Before you go buying filters online, speak to your Ruud representative to ensure that you are getting the proper fit for your unit. You can also speak to them about allergy and air quality concerns you have, and they will gladly review with you the various options available.

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