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An oil furnace functions by pumping heating oil into a tank before mixing it with the fresh air inside. The air/oil mixture goes into the burner before igniting in a combustion burner. The heated air then travels through the air system before distribution into your home. Your furnace maintains the process to keep the temperatures in your home consistent, but the air it pumps out needs filtering first.

The air pumped into a furnace is not always clean, it may contain any number of allergens or pollutants. Older model oil furnaces have filters used to clean the passing heated airflow free of harmful floating particles. Oil furnace filters consist of mesh weaving that is able to trap or absorb particle out of passing airflow. The fighters will block any and all particles they are able to before becoming clogged and requiring replacement.

Clogged Furnace Filters

The furnace filters in your air system keep indoor air quality up and in the process become dirtier over time. A dirty furnace filter will become clogged with the captured particles to a point where its ability to process airflow begins to fall. A blocked furnace filter disrupting or even blocking airflow entirely leads to effects throughout your home. It is in your best interest to regularly maintain your air filters or results affect both your air system and your home’s residents.

Heated air needs to go through the air filter without issue or the resulting build up causes temperature problems. If your home that does not have consistent heated air, it will have temperature fluctuations. Your oil furnace may also see a spike in temperature when it is unable to release any of the heated air. Your furnace is only able to handle so much heat before the temperature begins to damage it.

The costs of faulty filters go beyond buying a replacement, it may also lead to rising bills to pay for damages and energy usage. A heating system will attempt to bypass any blockages by increasing its energy usage. A spike in energy use by a system ends up raising your heating bills, along with wearing down various parts of the furnace. Your heating system needs clean filters to avoid incident, and maintenance is best done regularly.

Oil Furnace Air Filter Maintenance

The air filters in your furnace system become dirtier over time, the rate of which depends largely on home environment and filter effectiveness. The air that your heating system pumps into a filter is full of allergens or pollutants that are dependent on the surrounding area. For homes situated in places with high levels of airborne irritants, the filters are working constantly to prevent any dips in indoor air quality. Your air filters will become dirtier even faster depending on their MERV ratings.

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ratings are the measurement of a furnace filters efficiency. Oil furnace air filters benefit from having more moderate MERV ratings due to high ratings creating issues with airflow. We offer air filters that balance air quality and affordability for your home.

Subscribe and Receive Oil Furnace Air Filters Monthly

Furnace filters need periodic replacement in order to avoid any incidents with airflow or quality. You will need to factor in variables like home environment and filter MERV ratings to gauge just how long your filters will last. You are able to replace your furnace filters in a few easy to follow steps, the biggest problem is finding a replacement.

We offer quality oil furnace filters at affordable prices, and can deliver them straight to your home. The Filter King subscription service even has new filters brought to your home at a consistent rate, even as often as by the month. You never have to miss out on clean breathing when you order from Filter King!

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