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Scented Air Filters: Do They Live Up to the Hype?

Scented Air Filters

There are few manufacturers who produce scented air filters, and with good reason. The primary purpose of an air filter is to remove dust particles, smoke, and other germ-carrying, airborne items from your air. While it’s always enjoyable to have a custom scent wafting through your home, tainting air filter materials with perfumes and artificial chemicals that are designed to emulate a specific scent often interferes with the filtering material’s ability to do its job of cleansing the air. 

Standard air filters cleanse the airflow coming through them, improving the indoor air quality of a home. The idea behind scented air filters is that they add an artificial aroma to the cleansed air, but there are a few drawbacks to this concept. 

Scented Air Filters are Difficult to Order

Very few manufacturers have fully explored the scented air filter market. In fact, if you perform a Google search for “scented air filters” you’ll find a few DIY articles about how to make your own scented air filters and a number of online vendors selling wall plug-ins, candles, et cetera. Unless you’re willing to attempt to add your own scent to a commercially-produced filter, you may be out of luck. 

Scented Filters Permeate the Entire House

Unlike the case with a candle, a wall plugin, or incense, a scented air filter will sit in your air-conditioning unit and distribute its odor throughout your entire home. There’s really no escaping it. If you have a family and any of its members have a difference in personal taste, they can’t retreat to their respective rooms to escape the all-enveloping scent that you’ve chosen. If you get tired of smelling the same odor, the only way to get rid of it is to change your filter to one with another scent or replace it with a standard, unscented filter, and then wait for the odor to leave your clothes, carpeting, bedding, etc. 

Let Your Air Filter Do Its Job

Air filters have a singular but very important purpose: to clean your home’s air. A great deal of science and engineering has gone into the development of air filters for them to achieve maximum effectiveness when it comes to scrubbing undesirable elements from the air. Tampering with your air filter to have it produce perfumed air means potentially interfering with the quality of its performance. There are a number of products on the market that are designed to effectively change the aroma of your air. And, if you have the proper filter, you can be relatively certain that the scented candle or air freshener that you’re using is scenting clean air.

All air filters are rated on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) scale. Air filters with higher ratings have their mesh weave constructed more tightly. The average home uses air filters that fall within the average rating range. The Filter King standard model filter has a MERV rating of 8. The recommended premium model filter has a MERV rating of 11 and is capable of blocking an extensive list of airborne issues.

Have Your Replacement Filters Delivered On Time

We offer air filters at affordable prices, with a wide variety of options to match your size, quantity, and quality needs. The Filter King subscription package even allows for a monthly delivery of new air filters. If your filters are becoming old, ineffective, or breaking down, then it is important to have them changed as soon as possible. Order new filters today and make sure your air is kept fresh, healthy, and smelling clean.

Air Filters with Air Fresheners

The air in your home comes in fresh by a ventilation system, furnace or AC unit, and that air is cleaned with an air filter. The air filters in your home cleanse passing airflow of floating particles capable of causing household issues. Air filters trap and absorb the particles before eventually requiring replacement.

The new air filters you place in a system can keep the air you breathe clean, but did you know that it could do more? You can attach air fresheners to your air filters in order to give the airflow passing through a unique smell to spread throughout your home.

Using Air Fresheners

Air filter replacement is a simple process; you only need to swap out the old air filter for the new one. You can make your own addition to the replacement process by attaching an air freshener to the filter. Once installed, the airflow coming through the filter will take on the fresheners scent until its removal. An air freshener lasts for months when in use, which matches the limited time an air filter remains effective. Both freshener and filter need periodic replacement to maintain high indoor air quality and a personable smell for your home.

Benefits of Air Filters with Air Fresheners

The air filters in your home keep fresh airflow coming inside free of intruding airborne particles. The air particles that are able to enter your home range from harmless but annoying to dangerous and capable of causing breathing problems. Particles, like irritants or allergens, are able to trigger complications like asthma or allergies. Airborne issues can also cause the development of breathing problems if inhaled over a long enough period of time.

Air filters keep harmful particles out, while air fresheners scent the air coming in. The filter and freshener combination is particularly helpful in household environments that see a lot of smoke or pollutants. The air filters trap and absorb odor particles while the fresheners scent the air with a fresh, new smell that you choose from a variety of options. The air quality in your home goes through filtration and changes according to what you want with air filters and fresheners in place.

Furnace Filters Air Fresheners

The furnace filters in your home keep the heated air entering a duct system clean before they reach a blower fan. Attached air fresheners scent incoming airflow and deliver the warm, scented air throughout your home. Harmful particles are also trapped and absorbed protecting residents from harmful irritants. However, the furnace filters will require regular replacement to avoid any issues with the airflow.

Requiring New Air Filters and Fresheners

Air filters and fresheners lose their effectiveness over time and will eventually need maintenance. Environment plays a large role in filter lasting strength, in areas with higher levels of pollution or allergens the filters become dirtier, faster. The rate of a filters particle absorption rate is calculable by understanding its MERV rating.

An air filters MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, rating shows you what particles a filter is able to capture. A higher MERV rated filter is able to capture smaller particles, but when MERV is too high it can cause airflow blockage. Our air filters are moderately MERV rated making them both affordable and protective enough to block out particles like:

  • Dust
  • Dust Mites
  • Mold
  • Pet Dander
  • Pollen
  • Smoke
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

Enjoy Fresh, Scented Air with Regularly Delivered Air Filters

We offer new replacement air filters and air fresheners for your home, with modifiable orders to match your needs. We offer a filter subscription service that has new filters delivered to your home regularly. Your order can reflect your filter needs for quality, quantity and size of the required replacements. You can also purchase air fresheners for delivery alongside your new air filters to enjoy fresh, scented air. Skip over the hassle of looking for a new filter and have Filter King help smooth out the process for you.

Scented Living AC Filters

When you need to replace the air filters in your ventilation system, furnace, or AC unit, the process is simple. All you need to do is take the old filter out and place a new one in at frequent intervals to avoid airflow issues. But before you put the filter in place, have you considered what kind of clean, fresh scent you want entering your home? Scented living air filters can provide a new blend to the air you breathe and give the home a new personable smell.

How Scented AC Filters Work

When it is time to put a new filter in place, you can either create a scented AC filter or purchase one pre-scented. Certain oils apply a strong scent to filters that travel throughout your home. The oils will require reapplication over time and the filter will need replacement as well. The filter itself may come scented, which means the only work required after the filter becomes dirty or inefficient is replacement.

How Scented Filters Help Your Home

The scented living air filters in your home have the very important job of keeping airborne irritants out while bringing fresh air in. The fresh air picks up the scents on the way inside, and is then delivered throughout your home. However, scented air filters do more than just provide a nice smell. Filters ensure that irritants and allergens that could trigger breathing problems or allergies stay out of your home.

Scented air filters are especially useful in areas with high levels of pollutants. The filters keep pollutants out while any unpleasant smells are either absorbed or scented over before entering your home. Protect the air quality of your home with the right filters in place.

Available Filter Protection

We offer scented living air filters that are able to provide your home with protection against several airborne issues. You are able to order your filters with customizable options in quality, quantity, and size to fit the air system in your home. The standard model Filter King filter will be able to protect your home against standard airborne irritants. The recommended premium filter protects your home against irritants such as:

  • Dust
  • Dust Mites
  • Mold
  • Pet Dander
  • Pollen
  • Smoke
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

You will be able to replace your filters periodically but make sure that the replacements are the right size. You will be able to tell what size you need by reading the nominal numbers along the edge of your current filter’s cardboard edge. Air filters need regular maintenance in order to provide your home with efficiently filtered air systems.

The Filters Lasting Strength

The scented air filters in your AC system have the same durability and length of service as regular filters. A filters lasting ability is calculable by taking into account its environment and MERV rating. MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, gauges a filters ability to block out airborne irritants, contaminants, and allergens.

You will be able to replace your filters periodically but make sure that the replacements are the right size. You will be able to tell what size you need by reading the nominal numbers along the edge of your current filter’s cardboard edge. Air filters need regular maintenance to provide your home with efficiently filtered air systems.

Why You Need Them

Your home deserves to be clean and fresh smelling, with air that is comfortable and relaxing to breathe. There are entire industries dedicated keeping the home smelling the way you want it to. Stores everywhere sell candles, fresheners and all sorts of sprays flooding the market. Scented AC filters provide the same benefits as other products without any of the negative effects on indoor air quality.

Have Your Scented Filters Delivered Regularly

We offer a variety of filters, regular and scented, that can match homes of all shapes and sizes. Filter King even offers a subscription service that has new scented living air filters delivered to your doorway on a monthly basis. Order to today and have your home smelling just the way you want it to.

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