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Tier 1 Air Filters

Your home needs air filters to cleanse the oncoming airflow free of any airborne irritants like dirt or debris. Tier 1 air filters provide protection for a home on a budget and balance quality with affordability. Our Tier1 air filters are able to ensure that you are able to replace your old filters as often as by the month. Our filter delivery is on time and custom orders match your quality, quantity, and air filter size needs. When you purchase our filters, then you have several options to pick and choose from.

Why a Home Needs Tier 1 Air Filters

Air filters provide a vital protective layer to a home’s air systems and prevent the entry of harmful airborne problems. A home is constantly surrounded by airborne irritants such as pollutants and allergens. Your air filter cleanses the airflow coming inside by absorbing or trapping passing particles. Air filters are particularly helpful for homes in areas with high levels of pollutants and allergens. Unfiltered homes often suffer from dusty, odor-filled air that makes them both uncomfortable and unsafe.

A home air filter needs to be maintained or else the effects on indoor air quality could be serious. Poor indoor air quality creates a hot, stagnant environment full of irritants, contagions, and allergens. If a resident does not already have breathing problems or allergies, then they may develop over time if they continue breathing in the dirty air. Tier 1 air filters are made from a range of materials that provide certain levels of protection for a home.

Tier 1 Air Filter MERV Ratings

When you buy a new air filter, then the replacement you purchase will be modifiable in order to fit your quality needs. You can look at an air filters MERV rating in order to understand its overall effectiveness. The MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, ratings of Tier 1 air filters are kept moderate to prevent airflow issues throughout a system.

When an air filters MERV rating is too high, then it becomes unsuitable for the household. The air filters tight weaving determines its MERV rating and also the difficulty airflow will have going through. Industrial and commercial building use higher MERV rated filters to maintain sterility. However, larger buildings have high powered industrial grade ventilation. For the average home a tightly weaved filter becomes as difficult to deal with as a dirty one.

Replacing Your Air Filters

Tier 1 air filters generally fall in the 4-12 MERV range in order to balance protection with unrestricted airflow. Our filters come in both standard and premium models that come with their own MERV ratings and prices. Filter King standard filters ranks at an 8 on the MERV scale and can block out basic dirt and debris.

The recommended premium air filter model is rated at an 11 on the MERV scale and can block out additional particles as small as small as smoke and dander. Air filters are useful and when you put a fresh one in place the results benefit both residents and bills.

Benefits of New Filters

A home’s indoor air quality is not kept fresh and clean on its own, the air goes through a filtration process to become so. The cleansed airflow is free of irritants, allergens and bacteria that are trapped and absorbed before they can become an issue. As the filters protect a home they begin to become caked in layers of dirt and debris. Dirty air filters cause a blockage that forces the ventilation system to compensate.

When you neglect to change your air filters, the air system in a home suffers for it. Your ventilation system will need to expend more energy in order to keep the airflow going. Your energy billing rises over time as a dirt filter diverts airflow and the costs only continue to increase. A new filter prevents airflow interruption and helps you save on your energy bills.

Have Your Air Filters Delivered Straight to Your Door

Filter King Tier 1 air filters can be delivered right to your door as often as by the month. Your order is modifiable to have quantity, quality and size of your filters changed to match your needs. Contact us today and have fresh, new filters delivered ready-to-use to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

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