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Bryant Air Filters and Furnace Filters

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Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems was founded more than 100 years ago by Charles Bryant. Today Bryant products are used in millions of homes across the country to keep people comfortable in their homes and to improve the air they breathe.

At Filter King, we provide more than just Bryant air filters. We also provide free filter replacement reminders. Just go to our website and answer some questions about your air quality goals in your home, and Filter King will send you a reminder whenever you decide to receive one. Call Filter King today to order your Bryant filters!

Long-Lasting And Dependable

Bryant products are some of the most reliable filters available in the market. Bryant air filters are reusable and can be washed by hand in cold water. Regular maintenance and proper washing can help extend the lifespan of your air filters and furnace filters

How Often Should I Change My Filters?

The general guideline for filters are as follows:

If you live in a home with no pets, then you should change your filters every three months

If you have one animal living in your house, then you must change your filter every two months

If you have more than one pet, then you want to change your filter at least once a month

If anyone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, then it is advised to change the filter every month as well or sometimes as often as every 20 days

Vacation homes that don’t get used much can have their filters changed every 6 months

How Important Is Changing My Air Filter?

It is important to replace or clean your air filter regularly. If you do not, then you will begin to notice problems with your central cooling and heating system. When the filter becomes clogged and cannot easily flow in the warmer season, the pipes might freeze up, which can cause your A/C system to need repairs. In the cooler season, a clogged filter can lead to overheating, which can cause the motor in your system to stop. In both situations, you end up being far less comfortable in your home than you’d probably like to be.

Developing Better And Better Products

Furnaces were introduced to the market in 1935 as forced air heating systems. Other methods of heating homes were to use boilers or coal stoves, which were very problematic. The new invention worked by forcing air, through the use of fans, over burners in the system, and then out into your house. This meant having to think ahead about what challenges this new technology presented. The last thing anyone wants in the middle of winter is to have their furnace break down. Because dirt and other particles could damage the fan and other parts of the system, filters were introduced to block them. Then, in the 1940s, High-Efficiency Particulate Absorption (HEPA) filters were invented, but their technology was considered classified until after World War II.

Consumers today benefit from the years of research and development that has gone into improving air filter and furnace filter technology. Bryant products use Captures & Kills™ technology with antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal capabilities so you can be sure that you are protecting your loved ones.

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