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How Much Do Air Filters Cost?

Air filters are essential parts of an air system and keep your home smelling fresh, clean and safe to breathe. The air filters you use vary and change to match your home and the needs of your air systems. The costs you are going to need to pay are equivalent to the service and product you receive, and we aim to be as affordable as possible. We keep your finances in mind as we offer filters to help keep you breathing easy in your home.

Quality of Your Filters

When purchasing air filters, the quality of those you choose play a large part in keeping the air in your home fresh and safe. Higher MERV rated filters are more expensive, their tightened weave and materials being more valuable. High rated filters provide quality protection against allergens and pollutants. The air around your home may have airborne problems that emphasize the importance of air system filtration.

Areas with high levels of pollution, dander or pollen often lead to triggering or development of breathing issues and allergies. When air filter quality is low, then the indoor air quality of your home will be low as well. Poor indoor air quality can be inconvenient as well as possibly dangerous for your home’s residents.

When you purchase a new filter, you have options to better fit the budget you are on. The standard filter is affordable, useful and has solid lasting potential, but our recommended option is the premium model. Filter King Premium filters slightly more expensive but balance price and protection. Both filters match budgetary needs while also have MERV ratings that provide adequate protection for your home.

MERV Ratings

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) system the calculated system used to measure filter efficiency. Higher ranked filters offer more protection but also cause airflow issues and are more expensive. Home air filters strike a balance of protection and affordability with more centered ratings.

The Filter King standard filter rates as an 8 and offers basic protection for an air system. The recommended premium filters rank as 11 and offer protection against allergens, dust, and pollen. The premium filter MERV ranking makes it ideal for parents and pet owners, especially in areas with high levels of allergens or pollution.

Replacement Costs

Air filters do not last forever, especially those with high MERV ratings that absorb and trap a large amount of airborne problems. The air filters in your home need periodic replacement or else they may develop issues. Your air filters become dirtier over time and the layers of dirt and debris soon cover the holes between the weaved filter mesh. A dirty filter may cost you more over time; it is more cost efficient buy a new one and enjoy the benefits.

After an air filter becomes dirty, then the resulting blockage that it causes results in complications with a systems airflow. The air system will need to try and push the air flow forward past the blockage, it will try by using more energy. An air system spiking in energy use will end up adding to your energy bills, and continue to do so over time. Your air conditioner system needs maintenance, which in turn fixes filter problems with blockage.

Purchase a Subscription and Have New Filters Brought to You

The question of “how much are air filters” goes beyond the initial payment and may end up causing larger payments. Avoid additional costs and have new filters brought straight to your door with our direct delivery services. Filter King offers filter models in a variety of sizes at affordable prices to match your needs. When you have fresh, new filters delivered straight to your door they are ready for immediate use. Keep your air clean and costs low with a filter provider working to provide you with quality deals.

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