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Universal Air Filter

The air filters keep incoming airflow clean and anyone breathing in safe from harmful irritants floating around. When air pumps into your home via the air system, it needs to filtration or else there could be issues with incoming particles. Universal air filters provide an air system with a layer of protection that keep harmful particles out and clean, fresh airflow through. The universal filters you use will be able to match a wide variety of HVAC system types, but they have their limits and will eventually need replacement.

Replacing Old Universal Air Filters

All air filters provide a certain layer of protection to an air system by absorbing and trapping passing particles. The amount of caught airborne irritants builds up over time and will eventually cover the air filters entirely. When an air filter becomes covered in dirt and debris, then the mesh weaving that compose it is unable to receive airflow properly. The blockage leads to problems for both indoor air quality and home billing.

When air filters block an air system, then the fresh, clean air that needs to enter becomes blocked. Airflow problems result in dry, stagnant, odor filled air that is liable to cause breathing problems if not dealt with soon. If a filter is old and worn, then it may even allow harmful pollutants and allergens inside. An air system needs maintenance to check for any issues, and the old filters replaced in order to ensure that your air systems remain clean and effective.

How Long Do Universal Filters Last?

A universal filters lasting ability largely depends on its environment and MERV rating. A filter absorbs any and all particles it can out of incoming airflow in any environment. Air filters become dirtier much faster when in areas that have high levels of pollutants and allergens. Seasonal changes in certain areas also bring waves of new allergens to block out or risk a bodily reaction. Your universal filters will block out all the particles they can, their effectiveness gauged by their MERV rating.

MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, is a rating system that measures an air filters mesh weaving. An air filter rates higher with tighter weaving and can block out smaller and smaller particles. Certain MERV rated air filters are better suited for certain environments to avoid billing complications. Higher MERV rated filters are generally used for commercial or industrial buildings due to increased air generator power. AC, ventilation, furnace and vehicle filters are more moderately rated in order to balance protection with affordability.

Changing Out Your Old Filters

When it is time for a new air filter, then you will have to go through the replacement process in order to fix the problem. The new air filters you use will need to come in the size similar to the old ones to ensure a proper fit. The size you need is on the cardboard edge of your current filter, detailing its length, width and thickness. We provide a wide range of filter sizes in order to match the requirements for your air system.

Filter King Model Filters

We manufacture our air filters with customer comfort and needs in mind, balancing protective qualities with lasting ability and affordability. The Filter King standard model filter ranks as an 8 on the MERV scale. The standard filter is able to block out basic dirt and debris that will try to enter an air system. We recommend ordering the premium model filter, which ranks as an 11 on the MERV scale. The premium model is able to protect an air system against irritants such as:

  • Dust Mites
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Smoke
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Molds

Have Air Filters Delivered Monthly

We offer a filter subscriptions service that has new air filters delivered to your home. Your orders match your needs for filter quantity, quality and size. You may have the filters delivered at the rate you choose in order to avoid having to face air quality complications. Have new filters come in as often as monthly, and ready for use as soon as they arrive.

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