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HEIL Air Filters and Furnace Filters

Heil brand products are some of the most widely-used and dependable air conditioner systems available on the market today. Known for their rugged reliability, Heil Air Conditioning & Heating products are backed by 100 years of quality engineering and manufacturing. And every product is tested in order to assure customers that they are getting a product that will endure for many years.

Heil Air Conditioning & Heating offers exceptional warranties and No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranties on some premium products. If you have questions about your Heil Air Conditioning & Heating product, then please be sure to speak to your local Heil representative so they can assist you.

How Filters Work

Air comes into your unit and is either heated or cooled and then dispersed throughout your home. But first, it must pass through a filter. Filters were initially designed to protect the equipment, such as a fan or wheel, so it wouldn’t break or malfunction. But as more people were spending time in their homes indoors, they began to think about air quality. Indoor activities such as cooking, smoking, owning pets or using certain cosmetics can decrease the quality of the air quality in your home. Certain paints and odors from carpets or furniture can also release contaminants that affect your home’s air quality. Filters are tightly woven and sometimes pleated in order to prevent even the tiniest particles, such as viruses, from passing through.

The problem is that the tighter the weave the less air can go through the filter. This can drive up your energy costs. These types of filters are great for improving air quality but should be replaced rather often to prevent the buildup of contaminants that will further prevent airflow.

If you’re a homeowner who is looking to save money on both energy costs and on filters, and you don’t have allergies, then you could probably get away with a very simple fiberglass filter that will not catch as many allergens but will let more airflow through. This means fewer trips to the thermostat to adjust it.

Why Filters Need Replacing

Your air filter may be very efficient at collecting harmful particles and is engineered to withstand a certain amount of accumulation, but eventually, all of those particles will build up and block more air from flowing through your system, even if you have a more simple fiberglass filter. What you will first notice is that in the warmer months, your house will not be as cool, and in the cooler months, your house will not be as warm because the air is being restricted. Eventually, that blocked air can cause problems for the inner mechanisms of your air-conditioning or heating unit.

This is why it is suggested to replace your filters every 1-3 months. At about $50-$75 per duo pack, it’s far more economical than having to pay for repairs. Filter King is an authorized HEIL Air Conditioning & Heating dealer. We provide free filter replacement reminders and offer fast delivery on all types and sizes of filters. Call us today and let us know what unit you have so we can fit you with the best filter for your health needs!

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