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Whole House Purifier

Your home air systems will constantly bring in air from the outside, along with any accompanying pollution or allergens. A whole house purifier, also known as an air filter, is in your air system to prevent the entry of harmful airborne irritants capable of lowering indoor air quality. Your home requires whole home air filters, especially when residents have allergies or breathing issues. You are able to keep the air you breathe safe by making sure that your air purifier is clean and working.

Clean Air with Whole Home Air Filter

The air filters in your home systems act as protective layers that keep the airflow coming in clean and the airborne problems out. Airflow coming in is best kept clean to avoid breathing problems and keep indoor air quality from dropping. When your home is in areas with high levels of allergens or pollutants, whole house air filters play an important role in keeping the air inside breathable. The indoor air of your home cleaned via filters but in the process they become dirty and require replacement.

Installing New Whole House Air Filters

Over time old whole home purifiers will lose effectiveness as they continue to trap and absorb passing air particles. Your air purifiers will reach a point where they are unable to hold any more particles in its mesh weaving. Dirty air purifiers only continue to grow dirtier over time and soon begin to start causing problems with your home’s airflow. When airflow cannot move forward properly, then the resulting problems create a burden for both air quality and finances.

Air purification works by having passing air filtered free of harmful particles capable of making the air inside your home difficult or dangerous to breathe. When airflow stops entirely because of a dirty air purifier, then the indoor air quality of your home suffers for it. Air particles in your home like pet dander or smoke are unable to leave a system and remain in your home. Stagnant indoor air also dries and creates breathing complications if breathed in for too long.

Your air system will attempt to push air flow past a dirt purifier by increasing the energy it uses. A systems spike in electrical usage ends up causing a strain on the internal mechanics. When the mechanics are under enough stress, then over time it could cause mechanical failure, severe damage or complete shutdown. A spike in energy usage also shows up on electrical billing, with increases prices over time as the system continues to require more energy. The air purifiers in your home need periodic replacement in order to prevent any blockages with air systems or dips in quality.

Rate of Replacement

The air purifiers in home become dirtier at a faster rate due to their environment and MERV rating. Air purifiers clean passing air flow of all the particles they can, which means areas with high levels of allergens or pollutants are particularly taxing. The purifiers prevent indoor air from becoming contaminated but the results increase the rate of replacement. Homes with pets or smokers also take their toll of purifiers and increase the rate of replacement.

A purifiers Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating determines the tightness of its mesh weaving. Higher MERV rated purifiers are able to block out smaller particles and increasingly clear out incoming airflow. High MERV air filters are able to keep your home safe from airborne particle trying to enter like:

  • Dust Mites
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Smoke
  • Mold

Order Whole House Purifiers Today

If you have breathing issues or suffer from allergies, then air purifiers are able to provide a healthier home environment. Your air purifiers require periodic replacement and you can have them brought straight to your door. Filter King offers a quality subscription service that has new air purifiers delivered as often as you need. Order today and enjoy the fresh smell of clean air in your home with whole house purifiers.

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