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Washable Air Filters: Can You Actually Reuse It?

The air filters in your home are tools used to keep the airflow coming in clean and comfortable to breathe. The air filtration process involves a tight mesh weaving trapping and absorbing the airborne issues. Over time, the air filters become so clogged with captured particles that their efficiency will drop. When you have cleanable filters installed, then filter efficiency rises after washing them out. Your cleanable air filters will need consistent maintenance or the result is problems throughout your home.

Issues with Dirty Air Filters

Eventually, as the air filters in a system cleanse passing airflow the particles they capture start to clog the mesh weaving. The fresh air passing pass into your home is unable to pass dirty air filters and the effects evident through problems in indoor air quality. Air filters are especially strained in areas with large amounts of airborne irritants such as smoke, dust, or pet dander. The lack of airflow in a home will begin to create an uncomfortable atmosphere over time.

Fresh air is healthy for the lungs and helps keep your home feeling comfortable and safe, especially when the air is clean. When your home lacks incoming airflow, then the air quality inside begins to stagnate. Dry, stagnant air is not healthy to breathe in and may lead to the development of breathing problems if not handled promptly. Poor air quality in your home may also cause clogging irritants like smoke and pet dander to build up. The air system will attempt to push past a blockage but that may cause further complications down the line.

When an air system tries to bypass the blockage a dirty air system causes, it will increase system functions. Your air system will continue to use energy and wear out its parts as it continues to push the airflow forward. If the air system works too hard for too long, then there is a risk of mechanical failure or even a complete breakdown. You will see a rise in energy billing as the increased mechanical output continues until an air filter cleaning.

Cleanable Furnace Filters

Cleanable furnace filters are reusable tools capable of protecting a heating system clean for long stretches of time. The furnace air system works by having air pumped in from the outside for heating inside. Heated air then passes through the filter before distribution into your home. The air is free of any harmful particles but like regular filters will eventually need a replacement.

Your furnace filters keep the heated airflow coming through clean, but clogging puts the system is at risk of serious damage. When the heated air in a furnace is unable to pass a blockage, then the temperature buildup goes beyond the system's ability. An overheated furnace can be seriously damaged with creates significant repair costs. Your home will also see temperature fluctuations as the airflow has trouble reaching its intended destination.

When to Wash Your Cleanable Air Filters

You will need to clean your air filters regularly in order to avoid any incidents with the air quality or flow in your home. You will be able to better plan when to clean your filters by taking their environment and efficiency into account. Context is important to understanding just how frequent your air filter needs maintenance.

When your home is in an area with high levels of pollutants or allergens, it is going to need air filters in order to block the large influx of harmful particles. Homes with smokers or pets also benefit from an air filters ability to trap smoke particles and pet dander. A filter's ability to capture particles ranks on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) system. Higher MERV rated air filters become dirtier faster, but also provide a more secure layer of protection.

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