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Ductless Air Filters

Your ductless air conditioners are efficient tools able to cool down your home in a cost-effective fashion. The small, indoor units you install in a room will draw in the surrounding air before running it over cold evaporator coils. Cooled air is then released back into a room, lowering the temperature to your desired range. The incoming air first will through an air filter in order to cleanse the flow of any harmful particles. Your ductless air filters help keep your home clean but will become dirty over time.

Air Filter Protection

The air filters in a ductless system consist of a mesh weaving designed to draw and absorb particles out of passing airflow. Airflow in a room is capable of bringing in all types of irritants that could end up causing breathing issues. The air filters work to clean up the airflow and prevent airborne irritants from continuously circulating in a room. Clean airflow is less harmful and creates better overall indoor air quality. As the air filters clean out incoming airflow they become dirtier and will eventually need replacement to avoid any complications.

Requiring a Replacement Filter

The air filters in your home inevitably become dirtier over time as they continue to process airflow. Even ductless air filters used a single room will begin to dirty over time, the rate of which depends on different factors. You will be able to more accurately gauge when an air filter needs replacing by considering its environment and efficiency. When you know the amount of irritants your filter is processing, it becomes easier to gauge when it will need changing.

The environment surrounding a filter is a large influence on its lasting ability and the amount of particles it absorbs daily. Rooms in use are prone to filling up with dust, debris and all sorts of dirt particles. The air filters are even more useful in homes with active smokers or pets. Certain particles such as dirt, smoke or pet dander continue to float in your home until breathed in.

An air filter’s efficiency ranks it on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) system. The system rates the tightness of a filters weaving and its ability to trap particles. Higher MERV rated air filters have tighter weaving and can trap smaller particles. More efficient filters also become dirtier faster, which can cause a series of problems in your home.

Dirty Air Filter Issues

The air filters for your ductless system need to be consistently changed or the resulting buildup will cause problems. Air filters draw in particles from passing airflow, but the particles begin to clog the mesh weaving after some time. Mesh weaving covered in dirt and debris is far less efficient and is unable to process airflow at the same rate. Unfiltered air in a room leads to discomfort and may even be dangerous.

Ductless air filters prevent the spread of other more dangerous airborne irritants. Your air filters are able to prevent the re-circulation of pollutants, pet dander, and smoke inside of a room. If airborne irritants circulate in a room, then anyone with allergies or breathing issues feel the effects when entering. A room is safer when the air circulates properly and filtered free of harmful airborne particles. New filters also prevent energy problems from causing any increasing complications with billing.

When a ductless air system is unable to pump airflow through a blockage, then it tries to do so by increasing its electrical usage. The air system strains itself trying to bypass the obstruction and in the process wears its parts down. You will also see a rise in energy billing as a well with increasing energy usage. The problems only grow worse over time, with the only solution being either to clean out the filter or replace it with a new one.

Have Ductless Air Filters Delivered to You Monthly

It is in your best interest to replace your dirty filters before they begin to affect the air quality in a room. We provide a subscription service that has new air filters delivered to you as often as by the month. You do not have to worry about finding new filters on time when they come straight to you. Call today and order your new ductless air filters to help keep the air you breathe clean!

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