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Compressed Air Filters

When you maintain the air filters in a system, then the result is more reliable machinery and higher air quality. Compressed air filters provide a clearly defined protected line for an air system against any number of floating issues. Your environment can be full of airborne problems ranging from irritants to allergens to contagions. Machinery benefits from having clean and fresh air pumped inside, free of irritants that clog up the system. You will be able to benefit from the financial help of having compressed air filters clean out the air entering a system.

Benefits of Compressed Air Filters

Air filters cleanse incoming airflow free of irritants and other problems such as mold or dust. If a system unfiltered, then the intruding particles may cause degradation or jamming. The air filters already in place also need maintenance in order to avoid any problems. Compressed air filters block a variety of different particles over time. Air filters will eventually become so covered in the captured particles that it becomes a blockage in the system.

A dirty air filter will disrupt airflow and the resulting burden on the system can only grow over time if not addressed. An air system will attempt to bypass the blockage by increasing the energy usage. The machinery will work with the increased energy to push the blocked airflow through. However, a system suffering from overexertion may lead to increased degradation in its parts. Eventually, an air system may suffer from mechanical failure or worse with increase strain.

When an air system utilizes extra energy, this also means that the spike in electricity usage has its costs as well. The extra energy a system uses will end up affecting energy bills, and continue to do so until your air filter's replacement. You can avoid additional costs by having new air filters installed allowing for airflow to pass by without issue. The air filter replacement rate depends on environment and MERV ratings.

Rate of Air Filter Replacement

Compressed air filters will absorb and trap as many passing air particles as they are able until incapable of doing so. The air that a system pumps in may need extra cleansing due to an areas high level of pollution or irritants. Particularly dry areas may bring problems with dirt and dust while humid climates present a mold problem. Regardless, environmental factors will cause your air filters to lose efficiency faster and require more frequent replacement. The MERV ratings of your compressed air filters determine the types of particles they are able to protect your system from.

Compressed Air Filter MERV Ratings

The air filters you use rank on the MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, system to judge their efficiency. The weave of an air filter ranks on the MERV scale and the number provided will inform you on the filter’s lasting ability and efficiency. Certain air filters are better suited for specific locations that are able to better play to their strengths. A high MERV air filter may provide greater protection but will restrict airflow and raise energy requirements.

When you are purchasing air filters, the process will require that you understand the size and quality requirements. Higher MERV rated filters are best suited to industrial and commercial buildings that have the ability to effectively use them. Residential buildings and vehicles work better with more moderately MERV rated filters. When you understand the necessary quality, quantity, and size of the filters you need, ordering becomes much easier.

You Can Have New Compressed Air Filters Delivered Monthly

Your air filters will need replacement on a consistent basis if you are to avoid any complications with airflow or quality. Filter King offers a monthly subscription service to have fresh, new filters brought straight to you. The new filters arrive as often as monthly and are ready for installation as soon as they arrive. Contact us today and see about receiving new filters to keep your air systems running smooth and clean.

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