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Do Asbestos Air Filters Work?

Research shows that in an undamaged state, asbestos materials are docile and pose little threat. The real issue comes when disturbing the material in some way, releasing asbestos fibers into the air. Asbestos is extremely dangerous to the lungs and can cause a range of possibly deadly side effects. If asbestos fibers become airborne and pumped into your home air system, then the effects can have serious consequences for residents. Asbestos air filters provide a layer of protection to an air system that prevent the material from affecting the air your breathe.

Air Filter Protection

The asbestos air filters in your ventilation, furnace and HVAC system work by trapping and absorbing passing particles. Asbestos fibers are microscopic, and able to float around invisible to the naked eye. Your home will require air filters capable of preventing particles as small as 3 microns from passing through in order to keep your air system safe. However, air filters capable of stopping asbestos will be able to help protect against more than just asbestos fibers.

Air filters are unable to pick and choose what particles they pluck out of the passing airflow, but asbestos air filters are efficient enough to be able to block a wide range of airborne particles trying to float through. The filters in a home are able to raise indoor air quality by stopping allergens and pollutants. However, an asbestos filters efficiency at blocking particles also means that it becomes dirtier much faster.

Air Filter Replacement

You will need to change out your asbestos air filters over time in order to prevent issues that come with a dirty filter. As a filter becomes more and more covered in particles the mesh weaving becomes clogged and filled with them. A clogged filter becomes an issue with effects throughout a household. You will need to replace your asbestos filter before the effects become more noticeable and permanent.

Dirty air filters present a clear and solid obstacle for airflow coming in through the system. Airflow obstruction or blockage leads to a cutoff in airflow. Your home will lack fresh air before the air inside begins to stagnate. Dry air can cause a host of breathing problems when breathed in for too long. Your air system will also attempt to push past the barrier by increasing energy usage. A system working with more electricity raises energy billing and strains the system machinery. Strained air system wear out sooner, with replacement costs adding to your overall billing.

How Long Will Your Asbestos Filter Last?

Generally speaking, the lasting ability of an asbestos filters depends their environment and efficiency. You can most often find asbestos materials in older homes that used asbestos based materials in the 20th century. The air filters will block out the fibers but in locations with high amounts of asbestos or pollutants the filters become dirty fairly quickly. An asbestos filters efficiency ratings also mark the filters as requiring regular maintenance.

An asbestos air filter is capable of trapping fibers on a microscopic scale, which means its mesh weaving is very tightly woven. Air filter weaving ranks on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) system, tighter weaves rank higher. When an air filter ranks too highly on the MERV scale, then this affects airflow and can come with additional costs. Your asbestos filters should be able to provide protection while remaining affordable to the average home.

Order Filter King Asbestos Air Filters Ready for Delivery

Asbestos is a constant danger for certain homes and any discrepancies or issues with your air filters can be dangerous. Air filter maintenance need consistent maintenance in order to avoid any incidents with the air systems. We offer a subscription service that has a new asbestos air filter delivered straight to your home. Your order is modifiable to reflect air filter size, quantity, quality and even the periodic rate of delivery. Call today and take a look at the options you have available to protect your home and keep breathing easy.

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