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Merv 14 Filters: Is It The Right Rating for You

MERV 14 is too strong for most home HVAC systems.

An excellent home filter is the MERV 13 Titanium. And these are some of the best on the market. Explore our MERV 13 Titanium filters to find a size that fits your home.

Read our full review on the MERV 14 below: who it’s for, and why it matters.

But before we start, it’s helpful to understand what exactly MERV means.

MERV is an industry-standard, or rating. The abbreviation stands for Minimum Effective Reporting Value.

In other words, it’s a measurement showing how small the holes are in the filter. The higher the MERV number, the smaller the holes, and the less that can pass through.

Ultimately, this is what makes MERV 14 filters not a good choice for home use.

Why is MERV 14 too much for my home?

Most residential HVAC systems aren’t rated to handle the amount of strain MERV 14 puts on them. Because MERV 14 has a tighter filter, it requires more force from your HVAC unit.

So if you’re using a filter with holes that are smaller than recommended (such as a MERV 14), you’re essentially plugging up your HVAC system.

And that can be expensive. Not to mention, it can cause other problems, too.

This is why, if you’re considering a MERV 14 we recommend a MERV 13 instead.

MERV 13 is the highest-rated filter recommended for home use.

And MERV 13 air filters will block over 99% of bacteria and virus-carrying airborne particles so that your indoor air quality and environment stay clean from all the normal pollutants and allergens.

Merv 14 air filter

If you are looking for air conditioning filters for a commercial building or industrial setting, you should seek the advice of an HVAC professional. There are certain types of environments that require specialty air filters, such as hospitals and factory floors.

Are there other options beyond MERV 13?


We sell as low as MERV 8. But for safety reasons, we don’t go below MERV 8.

And in some cases, that might be what you need.

After all, if an 8-rated filter is adequate for your air-cleaning, why choose a filter with a higher rating and pay more for your electric bill?

On the other hand, if you live with kids and pets, you don’t want to sacrifice air freshness to save money.

If you have questions about which filter is right for you, feel free to give us a call at 877-570-9755 or send us a message, and we’ll help you figure out which rating makes the most sense for your home.

Do you often forget to change your air filters?

air filter reminder

We built a solution just for that.

It’s our automated reminder service.

And it’s free.

One of the best things you can do to extend the life of your HVAC unit — and not to mention save on your energy bill — while also preserving the air in your home, is to change out dirty air filters.

Most people who purchase their HVAC filters in stores tend to forget the last time that they replaced their air filters.

But when your air filter becomes too dirty, it also becomes ineffective.

Eventually, the dust mites and other airborne particles that have been trapped by the air filter begin to block the air path.

That causes the air conditioning fan to work harder to push air through, and in the process, some of the trapped dust breaks free and re-enters your home.

Whether you order a MERV 8, 11, 13 through the Filter King, we let you know when it’s time to replace your air filter with our free reminder service.

Sign up, and we’ll send you an email or text.

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