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How Often Should Car Air Filters Be Changed When to Change Air Filters?

Air filters have an important role in keeping home air quality high and any airborne irritants, contaminants, or allergens out. As the air filters do their job, they absorb and trap passing particles which begin to build up. Soon, an air filter becomes too full of dirt and debris to be efficient and instead becomes a hindrance. You will find that knowing when to change your air filters is an important part of keeping any air system maintained.

How Long Do Air Filters Last

The environment of your filters plays a large part in how long they last and the required frequency of replacement. Air filters block out a large variety of pollutants and allergens that act as a danger to those who breathe them in. Air filters in different environments block airborne irritants and prevent complications resulting from lack of filtration. However, while location is different the purpose of cleansing the air you breathe is the same.

Air Filters

The standard air filters found in your home prevent unfiltered air from spreading throughout the duct systems. The air filters cleanse incoming air of dirt and debris and prevent the duct system from becoming dirty and dust filled. When debating how often should air filters need maintenance, the amount of pollution or airborne irritants are large factors. The worse the air is outside the more frequently a filter needs replacement to preserve indoor air quality.

Car Filters

Car filters protect the engine and air systems from incoming dirt and debris that would cause damage to internal structure. A cars usage and environment play a large part in calculating how often should car air filters need maintenance. Car filters in sandy, dry environments help protect cars internal mechanics against sand, while wet areas require protection against mold. It is recommended that a car filter be replaced every 12 months, or 12,000 miles, but the owner’s manual will be able to give more specific instructions.

Furnace Filters

A furnace filter protects your home by cleansing a furnace’s outgoing air. As the air comes into a furnace it heats to the degree required to reach the number on your thermostat. The heated air then goes through the filter and through the blower fan before spreading out throughout the duct system. Harmful particles become trapped to prevent any irritants or allergens from spreading throughout your home. When you are wondering how often should you change furnace filters, the furnace filters replacement frequency usually depends on filter quality.

MERV Ratings and Efficiency

Air filters rank on a scale system that helps identify the tightness of their mesh weave and ability to block or absorb air particles. The system is based on Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV, and defines filter effectiveness. Air filters with tighter weave mesh rate higher, but also create an issue for airflow. The average home, furnace, and car benefit from having more average rated filters installed.

Acquiring a Replacement Filter

We have plenty of options available for when you need to replace air filters around the house or in the car. Filter king model filters come in two varieties, and several sizes, designed to match the needs and budgets of our clients. The standard model filter ranks as an 8 on the MERV scale and blocks out regular dirt and debris. Our premium model comes much more recommended, rated as an 11 and capable of blocking a host of airborne irritants.

Have Replacement Filters Brought Straight to Your Door

When you need to change air filters, it is important to do so quickly and consistently. When you neglect your air filter maintenance, then the resulting problems could lead to elevated energy costs, stagnant air and temperature fluctuations. We offer a subscription service that allows brand new, ready to be used filters right to your home when your air systems need maintenance. We deliver as frequently as by the month and so call today.

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