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Washable Air Filters

Your old air filters will grow dirtier over time, and as they collect more passing particles they become less effective. Washable filters provide a simple, affordable tool of air system protection. Air filters will require maintenance, and if you are not replacing the filter, then you will need to wash it consistently. When washable air filters are not kept clean, then the effects burden both home air quality and budget.

Washed Air Filters

Your air systems are going to need clean air filters or the effects can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. Fresh air comes in via an air system from the outside, in the process the airflow travels through an air filter. The air filters are able to trap and absorb passing allergens, irritants, and contagion particles. Air filters can keep your home protected from dust and odors in areas that see large quantities of airborne issues. The air filters will eventually become caked in dirt and debris over time creating a blockage.

When an air filter becomes a blockage, the resulting complications prevent air flow and may lead to energy build up. The airflow in a building brings the fresh air clean and keeps the rooms inside smelling clean. When the airflow has irritants traveling through a system, indoor air quality leads to dry, stagnant air. Poor air quality is damaging to the lungs and may lead to the development of breathing problems if not fixed. A worse scenario is if there is no filter at all, with unfiltered air carrying possible triggers for allergies or breathing issues.

A blockage in the air system affects anyone breathing in any air inside as well as the system itself. The air system needs to use additional energy in an effort push the airflow past the blockage and into circulation. The extra energy the system uses pushes the machinery further, which eventually becomes a serious issue. Overworked machines wear down and this can lead to internal damage that causes breakdowns. Your billing will also increase as the spike in electrical usage increases energy costs.

Washable Furnace Air Filters

The washable furnace filters in your home provide a reusable method of keeping the air in a heating system clean. For a filter, the fresh air pumped inside heats up before leaving through the filter into a blower fan. The fan sends the air throughout the building and the rooms warm to match the number designated by the thermostat.

If you do not have clean furnace filters in place, then the resulting complications will the temperature of the air coming out. Heated air is unable to leave the furnace, which leads to temperature fluctuations throughout the entire system. When the furnace is unable to release its heated air, then the rise in temperature is damaging to an air system. Washable air filters need periodic cleaning, how often depends on environment and MERV rating.

Air Filter MERV Ratings

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) ratings for a washable air filter tell you how effective it is. Washable air and furnace filters consist of a mesh weaving, the tightness of which determines MERV rating. The higher a filters MERV rating the smaller the particles it is able to capture, but the larger an effect it has on airflow. High MERV air filters require more effort from the system to have airflow pushed through, making them ideal for commercial or industrial buildings. Washable air filters for the home are best kept in the 4-12 MERV range where protection and affordability balances out.

Washable Furnace Filters vs Disposable

Washable air filters provide a reusable alternative to disposable filters with their own unique qualities. You may use washable filters until the time they break. The cleaning process is easy and quick but requires a consistent schedule. Disposable air filters allow you to skip the work and simply have a new air filter put in place. You may even have the new filters delivered straight to your door.

Order New Filters for Your Home Today

We offer a wide variety of filters for homes of all shapes and sizes. If you decide that disposable air filters are more your speed, then we offer a subscription service to have replacements sent monthly. Contact us today and see your options for keeping the air you breathe fresh, clean and healthy.

Permanent Air Filters

Air filters are tools used in an air system to keep fresh airflow coming in while trapping and absorbing harmful floating particles. Average air filters consist of a tight mesh weave designed to capture passing particles with enough openings to let air through. Over time, air filters become dirty and inefficient due to all the particles they have captured clogging their systems. When an air filter becomes clogged, the general response is to dispose of it and purchase a new one. However, a permanent air filter provides you with a filtration tool capable of repeated use.

Reusable Filters in an Air System

Permanent air filter cleaning only takes a few easy-to-learn steps, but they need regular cleaning. Your air filter will become dirty over time. How quickly this happens normally depends on filter quality and environment. Air filters rank on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) system, which determines a filter’s efficiency. High MERV rated air filters have mesh weaving able to block out particles as small as microns in size. Permanent air filters become dirty faster with higher MERV ratings and in certain environments.

The air that passes through your permanent air filter can contain a wide range of issues depending on the surrounding environment. Homes in areas with high levels of allergens, pollutants, dust, and debris have an air filter constantly capturing particles. Internal conditions are important as well, with air filters preventing the spread of smoke or pet dander. Your permanent air filters will become clogged with particles and require cleaning to prevent any type of problem.

Disruptive Dirty Air Filters

When you air filter is dirty, then the clogged mesh weaving is unable to efficiently process airflow. When the airflow has problems coming into your home, then the effects are evident by the resulting lower indoor air quality. Fresh air is necessary to keep the air inside of your home fresh, clean and healthy. Disrupted airflow has a variety of effects on residents, the air system and billing alike.

When your home lacks clean air, then the air quality inside soon begins to dip as stagnation begins to set in. Old, dry air is damaging to the lungs and when breathed in for long enough the effects only continue to grow worse. Any internal pollutants or irritants like smoke or pet dander are also left floating in the air until breathed in. Lower air quality may eventually lead to the trigger or development of breathing problems. The air system will attempt to bypass a clogged air filter but this leads to further issues the longer a filter remains dirty.

Your air system will try to push incoming airflow past a blocked air filter by increasing its electrical usage. An air system pushes its mechanisms to a point where they are in danger of wearing down or failing completely. A system working with increased electrical usage also causes energy bills to rise over time. Dirty air filters continue to cause billing to rise until, in a permanent air filters case, a cleaning.

Permanent Furnace Filters

The air filters in your furnace need maintenance as well. Permanent air filters are able to save time and money by providing a washable alternative to disposable filters. You will need to be sure to maintain your furnace filters or the effects could be severely damaging to the system. Clogged furnace filters will be unable to allow the heated air to pass through. Trapped air in a furnace can cause a dangerous heat rise and temperature fluctuations throughout your home.

Buy Permanent Air Filters for Your Air System Today

We offer a variety of air filters that classify as disposable and permanent, all available for purchase today. Permanent air filters save you the money you would otherwise spend on periodic filter replacements. You will need to keep your filter clean but the savings will become more evident over time. Start saving today when you buy your permanent air filter from Filter King!

Reusable Air Filters

When you are deciding on what type of air filters to purchase, there are several options to choose from. You may order disposable air filters for your home that only require you to periodically swap out the old ones. Disposable air filters are convenient but wasteful and require certain procedures for recycling. Reusable air filters provide your home with an easy, cost-effective way to keep your ventilation systems clear of contaminants.

Washable Air Filters for Home

A washable air filter is different from the disposable kind due to its more durable nature. The filter placed inside your home’s ventilation system cleans the air that passes through it. Effective filters prevent smaller particles from passing through. Washable air filters need maintenance every 3 to 5 months in order to prevent any airflow or quality issues.

Reusable Furnace Air Filters

Furnace filters make sure that the air passing through a furnace leaves clean before going through the rest of your home. Reusable furnace filters consist of material strong enough to last but requiring consistent cleaning. Filter King does offer a subscription service that eliminates the need for washing by simply replacing the filters. If you are aiming to save, then you can wash the filter yourself in order to prevent air quality problems. The filters require cleaning every 3 to 5 months depending on their MERV rating.

MERV Rating and Efficiency

Air filters rank on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value system which provides information on what filters can block against. The filters with high MERV ratings are woven more tightly, to a point where too high of a rating means a filter will start affecting air flow. High MERV rated filters have high filtration rate but are ill-suited for your home.

Reusable air filters for the home have MERV ratings that fall near the center of the scale. A reusable air filter with an average MERV rating does not impede the airflow through a ventilation system. Disrupted airflow causes the system to use more energy to compensate. The extra energy ends up raising the bills for your home’s energy bills. Dirty filters also cause a disruption in airflow. The reusable air filters in your home need consistent cleaning to avoid airflow issues.

How to Clean Your Reusable Air Filters

Cleaning your reusable filters is a simple process.

Check and see if a filter is dirty. Filters in need of cleaning are usually caked in a layer of dirt or dust.

Remove the filter. Be careful in handling it as not to let any of the trapped irritants into your home.

Rinse the filter in water, washing in a sink or tub would work best.

Use a brush and detergent to clean the filter.

Shake the excess water off and drain the frame.

Put the filter back in place. The airflow will dry out any remaining water.

Benefits and Cons of Reusable Air Filters

When you use reusable filters, this eliminates any need to by additional filters to replace them. The cleaning process is simple and easy to follow, and is only needed every few months. You will save on additional filters and on waste by not using a filter that needs replacement every few months. You more save money in the long run by using a reusable filter, even if the initial costs are more expensive.

Talk to an Air Filter Provider About What Filters Would be Best For Your Home

Filter King offers a variety of filters to buy in order to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Washable air filters and reusable furnace filters both provide filtration benefits that keep pollutants out and fresh air in. Contact us and see what options are available and see how you can raise the air quality in your home today.

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