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Pleated Air Filter

The pleated air filter is a common style of filter that provides a low cost, affordable protective layer to your home ventilation system. A pleated air filter is mode of a wire back synthetic media that traps and absorbs more particles than spun fiberglass. The air filters increased quality cause it to have a higher price range than lower style filters. While the air filters may cost more, their quality helps better protect your home from airborne problems.

Pleated Air Filter Protection

The pleated air filter is able to protect your home from floating particles that come through a ventilation system into your home. As air pumps into a ventilation system the airflow goes through filtration and cleansed free of issues. The air filters absorb and trap passing particles and leave the cleaned airflow to enter a room. Air filters are especially important for homes that are in areas with high levels of allergens, pollutants, and odors.

Pleated air filters trap and absorb particles that may otherwise cause problems with the residents in your home. your home with low indoor air quality is prone to dry, stagnant air that may be unsafe to breathe. If the residents in your home regularly breathe in dirty, unfiltered air then it could lead to the trigger of even development of breathing complications. Pleated air filters help raise your home’s air quality, the extent of which depends on their MERV rating.

Air Filter MERV System

The perfect pleat air filters have a mesh weave that traps and absorbs passing particles without restricting airflow. You can see the effectiveness of your pleated air filters via their Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. The MERV rating determines the tightness of an air filters mesh weave, with high ratings meaning more restricted airflow. If the weave is too tight, then the result is costly airflow restriction.

Pleated Furnace Filters

When air pumps into a furnace, it heats to the proper degree before going back out into the ventilation system via a blower fan. As the air goes out to the blower fan it passes through a filter that cleanses the airflow. Any particles that leave the furnace become trapped or absorbed leaving fresh, clean air to travel through the home. The furnace filter is a protective layer in the furnace air system but it will eventually require replacement.

Replacing Pleated Air Filters

The air filters in your home ventilation system and furnace will need to be eventually replaced or there will be issues with airflow. A dirty air filter has layers of dirt and debris that prevent incoming air from passing through easily. The air system will then need to use additional energy in an attempt to bypass any obstacles. Blocked filters cause a rise in energy usage for your home which ends up on your billing. Clean air filters negate airflow problems and allow the air to pass through without a problem.

When cleansed airflow can come through a pleated filter, then the results are fresher, cleaner indoor air quality. Homes with lowered air flow suffer from dry, stagnant, odor-filled air that makes it uncomfortable or unsafe. Air coming from the furnace needs to pass by the air filters quickly or the heated air may dip in temperature. Your home may experience fluctuations in the heating unit, which can prevent air from passing through the system smoothly.

Have Your Pleated Air Filters Delivered

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