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Food Safe Air Filters

Air in a kitchen or other food based environment can be very uncomfortable when the air quality is low or unfiltered. A kitchen may build up in temperature and odors that continue to rise as time passes by. A room’s air quality stagnates and heats without airflow.

When the airflow is not filtered, then that may lead to worse issues throughout your home. Food safe air filters help keep the air coming into kitchens clean and prevent airflow coming out from causing any problems throughout your home.

Using Food Safe Air Filters

Rooms like a kitchen are full of floating particles and odors that are able to make their way into a ventilation system. Likewise, the airflow coming into a kitchen may bring outside particles that could ruin a meal or cause any food to become spoiled. Food safe air filters provide a kitchen with protection by trapping airborne irritants and pathogens. The food safe filters you use also provide a certain amount of safety and savings when constantly replaced.

Standard Kitchen Health Standards

Food-safe air filters prevent airborne irritants from coming in a kitchen and affecting any of the meals inside. Unfiltered airflow could lead to the air becoming musty and full of dust and allergens. The kitchen is not a room that you want to have low air quality, especially since there is a possibility that the airborne complications may put others at risk.

Unfiltered air by itself may cause the development or triggering of breathing issues, especially in a room like the kitchen. The musty air may bring irritants and allergens that could require the replacement of entire ingredients. When you or guests consume meals affected by the dirtied air, then results are universally negative on your health. New food safe air filters will help keep a kitchen clean and even help with the bills.

Help on the Energy Billing

Food safe energy filters do not only keep indoor air quality up, they also help keep your energy billing down. Air filters lose effectiveness over time as the dirt and debris they block begin to build up and cover them. Effective air filters become dirtier faster, and they reach a point where they need maintenance to avoid airflow problems.

When the airflow coming into your home becomes obstructed, the system needs to compensate for the blockage by using more energy. The airflow becomes more forcefully pushed by the fan and the energy used ends up adding to your home’s energy billing. The energy drain continues over time and the billing will continue to rise unless you take action and have a new filter installed. New food safe air filters need regular maintenance to prevent an incident.

Replacing Your Air Filters

Your food safe air filters need replacement in a timely manner in order to stop any dust, debris, or bacteria from entering a kitchen. The quality of the filters you purchase will dictate how often you will need a replacement and the particles they are able to block.

MERV Rating Scale

Air filter quality is measurable using the MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, rating system. The higher ranked a filter is on the scale the more tightly woven its mesh weave is. Air filters for a kitchen will need a filter that has a more moderate MERV rating. If an air filter’s rating is too high, then that stops airflow which is not ideal for any air system. Our filters provide a balance between protection and freedom of airflow.

Our Food Safe Filters

Filter King filters come in both standard and premium models, both capable of protecting your kitchen. Both filters protect against bacteria and the standard dirt and debris that floats through a ventilation system. However, our premium filter ranks as an 11 on the MERV scale and provides increased protection. The premium filter as able to block out:

  • Dust Mites
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Smoke
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mold

Have Food Safe Air Filters Delivered Monthly

Homes in areas high in pollutants and allergens are in need of more consistent filter changes. We are able to deliver new filters right to your door as often as by the month to suit your needs. Contact us today to have your custom order match the quality, quantity and size of the filters that you need.

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