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Trane Air Filters and Furnace Filters

Trane Model Numbers

Trane’s legacy has been built on over 100 years of innovation and dedication. In 1885, James Trane opened up a shop in Wisconsin providing plumbing services. He then invented a low-pressure steam heating system, which is the basis for the modern-day Trane vapor system. His legacy was continued by his son who studied mechanical engineering. Now you can find Trane products in office buildings, restaurants, and homes around the world, and also in notable buildings such as the Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, Musée d'Orsay in France, and La Scala Opera House in Italy.

Filter King is proud to be an authorized retailer of Trane air filters and furnace filters. We also offer replacement reminders to help our customers breathe clean, fresh air in their homes. Call us today to order your Trane filters, and we will deliver them to your door with our fast service.

How Filters Work

The technology in creating a furnace has to balance two things that work against each other. The better the filter the tighter the weave to prevent even the smallest particles, such as viruses, to pass through the barrier and go into your home. The problem is that if it’s very tightly woven then it prevents even air from flowing through, and you end up having to walk over to the thermostat to either increase or decrease the temperature to stay comfortable. This drives up energy costs for consumers. Or, it breaks the unit, and you end up with a household of cold or sweaty people. By working with your Trane representative, you can learn which one will work for your unit’s blower and capacity.

Types of Trane Filters

As air-conditioning became more prevalent in homes in the 1970s, and as more people found it comfortable to be indoors with their families, there was a greater need to think about air quality. Burning candles and incense, cooking, using aerosol hairsprays, among many other chemicals, were linked to lower air quality, and consumers became concerned about this. Nowadays, we have the benefit of using the best technology in the industry to keep clean air flowing throughout your home.

Fiberglass Filter

These are the traditional flat-panel filters. They’re inexpensive but they’re not as effective in trapping allergens. They capture only 10% of pollutants in your home. But they do not restrict airflow as much as other filters and they are inexpensive, making them a good choice for those who want to save money on filters and energy costs, and who do not suffer from allergies.

Pleated Fiberglass Filter

Because they’re pleated, they have more surface area, which is why these filters can capture up to 45% of allergens in your home. Additionally, Trane manufactures electrostatic filters that are made with electrically-charged fibers that attract certain types of particles. Because they are such good filters and really improve air quality, the downside is that they restrict airflow in your HVAC system, and are also more expensive. These filters can drive up your costs. Some people only buy these types of filters during allergy season in order to save money because the necessity of keeping their family safe is worth the cost. Talk to your representative to see if there’s another one that fits your needs.

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