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How To Clean Your AC Filter

Air filter maintenance is an important part of keeping any home’s heating and ventilation system working properly. Your filter system can be easily cleaned, and the results can save you time and money. When a filtration system is not maintained, it can lead to dust and other airborne particles entering your home.

When your working heating or cooling unit begins to build up dust and dirt, it can inhibit its effectiveness or even result in mechanical failure. A faulty unit can break down or even catch fire if any of the dust or debris becomes exposed to the wrong type of heat. Air filter maintenance is easy, but it’s also important to be consistent.

How to Clean Your Washable Air Filters

Some air filters are reusable, and the maintenance isn’t difficult. All you need to do is gather the proper cleaning supplies and follow a few simple steps:

Prepare the tools for the job which include:

  • Something to stand on securely, like a ladder or stool
  • A screwdriver to open any vents
  • A brush to clean the filters
  • A vacuum and any attachments that can make the job easier
  • A hose or faucet
  • Stand on your ladder or stool in order to the reach the ventilation covering
  • Use the screwdriver or simply open the vent
  • Remove the filter from its place inside – depending on how dirty the filter is you may need to take it outside
  • Use your brush to remove the caked on dirt and debris covering the filter
  • Vacuum up any loose material
  • Run water through both sides of the filter
  • Let the filter completely air dry
  • Reinstall the clean filter

In order to prevent any dirt or debris from entering an unfiltered system, the air ventilation system should be turned off during an air-filter cleaning. If you don’t carry out all of these steps, your filter may become dirty again faster than expected. The average reusable filter requires cleaning around once a month. Different filters have varying efficiency levels that will determine the size and quantity of the dirt and debris it’s able to prevent from entering the system. You can speak to your air-filter provider about the MERV ratings of the filters you use.

MERV Ratings

Your air filter MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, helps you determine its effectiveness in protecting your home from particulates. MERV values range from, 1 to 16 with varying degrees of protection for each level. And while it might seem like a good idea to get a filter with the highest possible MERV rating, the more a filter blocks, the more often it will need cleaning or changing. In other words, the higher the MERV rating, the more your filter will restrict air flow, which means that your system has to work harder.

Disposable Air Filters

Disposable filters are different from washable ones in performance, maintenance, costs, and environmental impact. Washable filters, on average, are more expensive, but usually last longer than disposable ones. On the other hand, you can replace a disposable filter on a monthly basis with no hassle and a short installation time.

Benefits of Clean Air Filters

With a clean air filter, the airflow through the heating and cooling system becomes free of intruding particles. When your air system is working properly, the air quality in your home improves. Your filter cleanses your air of mites, bacteria, allergens, and pollutants. A clean air filter will also result in a reduction in your energy bill, as it will reduce the power strain on your system.

How to Clean Furnace Filters

When you clean a furnace filter, the process removes pollen, dust, and debris and raises the system's overall efficiency. Clean air filters in a furnace help keep your home clean and block out particles or bacteria that may be damaging to your lungs. Replacement filters keep ventilation working at peak efficiency without any blockage to the airflow. Cleaner air filters reduce the amount of energy that the system requires to push air through the filter.

The cleaning process consists of a few easy to follow steps:

  • Turn off the air ventilation system
  • Locate the air filter
  • Check the air filter for dust
  • Remove the air filter
  • Act depending on the model type:
  • Reusable: rinse the filter off, let it dry, then put it back
  • Disposable: throw the filter out and put a new one in its place

Buy the Right Air Filters Right for Your Home

When you are deciding to purchase air filters, it helps to discuss it with a reliable, top-of-the-field provider like Filter King. We dedicate ourselves to providing air filters at low prices directly to your doorstep. A subscription model is available to allow you to skip the cleaning process and have a new filter delivered to your home periodically. Explore your options and see what kind of filters are going to work best for your home.

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