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Air Filters For the Bedroom

You shouldn’t have to worry about the air you’re breathing in while you’re asleep. Unfiltered air brings a full host of airborne problems that range from dirt to allergens to lung-damaging smoke. Cluttered, old bedroom air filters cause a bedroom to have dry, stagnant air that can be either hotter or colder than you want it to be. Fresh air filters for a bedroom prevent these issues and keep a bedroom smelling fresh and clean.

The Purpose of Bedroom Air Filters

The air filters in the bedroom air system work by trapping or absorbing the intrusive particles in airflow before they reach your room. Cleansed airflow and the filtered air released into your home are free of any dirt, dust, and allergens. The filters also prevent more dangerous airborne irritants from endangering a bedrooms residents. You will need to install clean filters in your bedroom consistently to avoid complications with health and billing.

Breathing Safely with Air Filters

Bedroom air filters keep some of the worst airborne problems you can find in the air surrounding your home outside. Air filtration is especially important for homes in areas that have high levels of pollution or allergens. An unfiltered or inefficient air system puts your home’s residents at risk.

Unfiltered air can bring in allergy or breathing issues triggering elements like smoke or pollen.

The residents in your home may even start developing breathing problems if indoor air quality is not maintained.

Mounting Energy Bills

Air filters in the bedroom will continue to fulfill its purpose until they become completely full of dirt and debris. Once air filters are full they become problems to the air system and block airflow into the bedroom. The air system needs to compensate for the new blockage and uses additional energy in order to try to push past the filter. The air systems extra use of will eventually end up adding to your home’s energy over time until there is an air filter replacement.

Frequency of Filter Replacement

Your bedroom air filters need consistent, frequent replacement depending on the air in your area and the filter’s quality. Air filters block out allergens and pollutants so areas with high levels of either of those problems will wear on the filters. Certain irritants such as smoke and pollen are worse during certain parts of the year and cause a quicker degradation of your air filters. The quality of the filters you purchase also play a large role in their lasting ability.

Air Filter MERV Ratings

The MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, rating system provides you with information on how effective your bedroom filters are. Air filters consist of a mesh weave, the tightness of which dictates the types of particles it can trap. The filters with tighter weaves rank higher on the MERV chart and catch smaller particles. Air filters with high MERV ratings are more suited for industrial and commercial buildings than domestic ones.

Our air filters work with the average home in mind and thus fall into the average MERV range. The Filter King standard filter ranks on the MERV scale as an 8 and capable of blocking standard dirt and debris. The premium model filter is the recommended replacement filter for all air filters in your home. Our premium model ranks on the MERV scale as an 11 and is capable of protecting a bedroom from:

  • Dust Mites
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Smoke
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mold

Have Air Filters for Your Bedroom Arrive Monthly

We here at Filter King off quality filters that you can order in a fully customizable variety of quality and quantity. Our subscription option allows you to have fresh, new filters delivered to your home ready for immediate use. We deliver as frequently as by the month, so the bedrooms in your house are never vulnerable to unfiltered air flow. Contact us now and see how we can help you breathe more easily.

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