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3M Air Filters

Your home’s internal air quality depends on filters like the 3M filtrete model. The filters keep outside allergens, pollen, and irritants out while allowing clean airflow to come in, and you can order your filters to match your home ventilation system and budget. Our filters are high in quality and low in price, with orders that can be tailor-matched to benefit you.

What do Air Filters Do?

The air pumped into your home by your ventilation system is not always naturally clean: sometimes, it needs filtration. Fresh air flows through your filter, and in the process, airborne particles are trapped in it. The cleansed air comes into your home, so you can enjoy the fresh, clean smell while avoiding any irritants that are detrimental to your health. Your indoor air quality improves with proper filtration and can avoid having to worry about what you’re breathing in.

3M Furnace Filters

The way that a furnace works is by pumping cool air into your system, heating it, and then distributing throughout your home. The filter removes airborne particulates as the air passes through the system. These particles are often harmful to your health and can damage your lungs. 3M filtrete furnace filters prevent these potentially dangerous materials from spreading throughout your home and keep your indoor air fresh and clean.

Custom Filter Sizes

You are going to need the size or the filter in your system in order to order a suitable replacement. You can read what size filtrete air filters you need by taking the old filter out and finding the nominal number. The nominal size is on the cardboard edge of the filter which will tell you the length, width, and thickness of the filter. These sizes will allow you to order new filters of similar sizes to fit the system.

The custom air filters we offer range from 8 x 24 x 1 to 25 x 30 x 1. We even offer 3M furnace filters 20x25x1 in size. Our custom size 3M filtrete air filters are able to match a full spectrum of different air ventilation sizes for a variety of homes. We offer our filtrete air filters in different qualities in order to better match our clients’ budget needs.

Air Filter Quality

The quality of your air filters determines much in terms of their lasting ability and effectiveness. Your air filters are rated on the MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, rating system. This system dictates how tightly the mesh weaving of your filter material is and indicates the size of the particles it’s able to catch. Air filters with tighter weaving have higher MERV ratings and can catch smaller particles, but they also restrict airflow. Higher MERV-rated air filters work best in industrial and commercial buildings with more powerful air systems.

The average home will require air filters with more moderate MERV ratings. Home filters are most efficient when in the 4-12 range. The air filters will be able to block out intruding air particles, but the airflow will not be as affected. When the airflow in a system changes, then the effects will be equivalent to a dirty filter. A dirty filter will cause a blockage that increases energy usage, and in turn, will increase your energy bills. Higher MERV-rated filters become dirtier faster and will require replacement more frequently.

Have Replacement Air Filters Sent Right to Your Door

We offer a subscription service that allows brand new filters to be delivered straight to your door. The orders are customized to your specifications in quantity, quality, and size to ensure that the filters you order are the ones you need.

You can have your filters delivered as often as once a month so you never miss a beat. You need to replace your old filters before they become old and dirty, causing problems for your home and its residents. Contact us today and get your home smelling fresh and clean!

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