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Why is my air filter never dirty?

Whenever we change our air filters in the air conditioning, we often find dirty filters clogged with dust and all manner of particles. This signifies that the filters will need to be replaced, and once you replace them, it’s only a matter of time before they get dirty again. Still, for some lucky people, the script gets flipped.

They can pull out their air filter after a month or so and have it be clean. They can live with multiple pets and have their air filter be clean. They can have their AC running, and it is spotless. That’s a good thing right? If the air filters are clean then you don’t have to spend time and money on a new filter!

Well, that might not be good. Air filters being dirty shows that they are working correctly, and if they are clean, it can show that they might not be doing their job. There are several reasons why an air filter might not be dirty whenever you examine it after a month, and there are ways to fix it, so your filter gets dirty again.

As much as it stinks, having a dirty filter is a good thing because all that dust isn’t circulating around in your home. If your filter is clean after one to three months, then see if one of these problems is the cause.

Did You Install It Properly?

A filter is designed to catch all the air that goes through your air conditioning. Because of this, it needs to fit snugly inside the holder to have a chance at catching the air. If the filter is not installed correctly, then the air can flow around the filter and not into it.

When that happens, the filter won’t get dirty because all that air isn’t going anywhere near it. If the filter seems loose or too small, then you’ll need to measure the space and grab a filter that will fit the spot securely.

Additionally, make sure that you did not install the filter the wrong way. Most filters have arrows either on the filter or the box that show how you should place it. If the filter is placed upside down, then its effectiveness is reduced.

Make sure that you are using the best filter for the job as well. Some filters are too thin, and particles pass right through them, while others aren’t built up to the same standards and won’t filter out certain particles. If you have replaced or gotten a better grade filter and it is still clean, then the filter might not be the problem.

What Does Your Home Look Like?

Filters catch a lot of things in the air, but in order for all the dust and mold to be caught, it needs to go up into the air first. The movement of air, pets, and people can disturb particles. So if you have a pet that roams around a lot, or like to open your windows and doors to circulate the air, the dust will get stirred up.

However, if you have a sealed home and no pets, the dust tends to settle and won’t get up into the air. It also won’t get sucked into the air conditioner. If you dust and vacuum every day to keep a handle on the dust and make sure that it doesn’t get into the air, the filter won’t be as dirty. There’s simply not enough stuff in the air for it to filter out.

Additionally, if you only turn your air conditioning unit on a few times a month, it can also affect how much your filter picks up. If your heating or AC unit isn’t on, then the filter won’t work.

Is Your Air Conditioner Working?

If the filter isn’t picking up any dust, then it could mean a problem with your air conditioner. The air conditioner might not be strong enough to pick up the dust or be damaged. Check on the air conditioner to make sure that it isn’t dirty or damaged, and run it for a bit before checking again.

Just like how dirty filters can clog up an air conditioning system and cause problems, clean ones can too. If the dirt and dust are flowing around the filter or isn’t getting caught when it goes through the filter, it often gets into the works of your AC. This can cause damage and reduce its effectiveness.

Calling a professional to take a look at your AC unit can help to give you a deeper look at any potential problems. If your AC is broken, then you can get it fixed, and the filter should start working again.

The Negative Effects of A Clean Filter

While having a clean filter might seem great, because you don’t have to replace it, all the dust and allergens are floating around your home. The dirtier a filter gets, the better you should feel because all that gunk isn’t inside your home or your lungs. If a filter isn’t working, then your air isn’t getting cleaned.

This can be a problem if you have allergies to pollen, dust, or pet hair. If those things aren’t getting filtered out of your environment, then your allergies will get worse. The dirtier a filter is the better you should feel!

Fixing a Clean Filter

If your filter isn’t dirty despite your air conditioning seeing regular use, then you should inspect the filter to make sure it is installed correctly. If it is, and you aren’t making any efforts to keep dust out of your house, call a professional to make sure nothing is wrong with your air conditioning.

Once you get it fixed and you see a dirty filter, then everything is back to the way it should be. Now you just have to remember to replace the filter every month or so, and then your air conditioner and filter will be able to do their jobs!