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Honeywell 16x20x5 Air Filters

Replacement Filter for Model Honeywell FC100A1003

Actual Size: 15.88 X 19.75 X 4.38

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Product Description

Item Model Number: FKDPFW16X20X5
16x20x5 (15.88 x 19.75 x 4.38) FC100A1003 MERV 8 Filter King Replacement Filter for Honeywell

Manufactured in the US

Your air filter is the heart of your heating and cooling system. You can't have a great indoor environment without it. They are specially engineered to remove particles too small for our eyes to see, that still affect the quality of the air we breathe. Each time you turn on your heating or cooling system, dust settles onto furniture, floors, drapes - even onto other surfaces in the home. Your new Honeywell FC35A1035 replacement filter reduces these fine particles.

This high efficiency filter media collects small dust particles before they can collect on your coils. The result is a cleaner indoor environment and energy savings due to better heat transfer through your system.

This Honeywell FC100A1003 16x20x5 Replacement Air Filter is a high efficiency filter media that lasts up to 6 months. It is made in the USA with double wall construction and die cut fingers for the best results possible.

Fits Honeywell® Models:

Series F35

Series F35R