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Pet Popularity in the USA

The Most Popular Cats and Dogs in Every State

Many of us couldn’t imagine life without our pets. Whether you’re a dog lover, cat lover, rabbit keeper, or snake charmer, our animal companions mean a lot to us. However, there are so many potential furry (and scaly) friends out there that it’s almost impossible to consider all of the options.

Choosing the perfect pet

There are several important factors to consider when looking for a new pet. Do you have enough space in your home? Can you afford the food and vet bills? Will you have the time to give it the care and attention it needs to be happy and healthy?

You might also have a health condition that restricts which pets would be suitable for you. For example, if you have a respiratory illness then you’ll want to keep a fresh and well-ventilated home, so a hairless or hypoallergenic pet could be right for you. If you’re not very active, then a pet that requires little exercise would be ideal, and so on.

As cats and dogs are traditionally the two most common pets, we wanted to find out which breeds of each are the most popular in the country, and in every state. Perhaps this will provide the inspiration you needed for picking your next pawed pal?

The most popular dogs in every state

The results for the most popular dogs in every state are quite varied, with four different breeds coming top in at least one state. The most common winner is the French bulldog, claiming victory in twenty states all the way from California to Massachusetts. They also seem to have come top in every state which is home to any of the ten most populated cities, showing them to be an ideal urban pet.

Unsurprisingly our two runners-up, the Cane Corso, and Australian Shepherd came top in the next most states. The Cane Corso took the top spot in nineteen states including Georgia and Colorado, while the Australian Shepherd was the most popular breed in ten states including Vermont, Utah, and Alaska.

The wildcard of the pack is the Belgian Malinois which seemingly came from nowhere to become the most popular dog in South Dakota. This is a high-energy breed that needs a fair amount of exercise. Their strong prey instinct means these dogs also have a tendency to chase moving objects, but luckily their eager demeanor makes them easy to train.

The top ten dogs in the USA

1. French Bulldog

Claiming first place as the most searched-for dog in the country is the French bulldog. This cute little pooch is popular for its adorable looks and its small size makes it ideal for people in cities with limited space. The French bulldog is a playful and intelligent breed and enjoys meeting other pets and humans. Their diminutive size also means that they don’t require a huge amount of exercise, which is another reason why they’re so popular.

2. Cane Corso

The second most popular dog is the Cane Corso. This Italian breed of mastiff generally has a quiet and even temperament, while also being highly trainable. These strong canines have traditionally been used as guard dogs, but they are equally suited to being companion dogs for owners who have the time to give them the training and exercise they need. Cane Corsos are always eager to please their owner and make for a very loyal furry friend.

3. Australian Shepherd

Coming in third place is the Australian Shepherd dog. This highly intelligent dog is also full of energy and requires a lot of exercise to keep it healthy. They thrive on being given tasks, and their real desire to please their owners, makes them very easy to train. Relatively long-lived, you could expect an Australian shepherd to reach 12-15 years of age.

The most popular cats in every state

Amazingly, the Maine coon came out on top in every single US state! Could it be their larger size that makes them stand out? Or is it their super friendly personality? Either way, they’re the clear winners when it comes to the award for most popular puss. 

Despite the huge popularity of the maine coon and a few other breeds, dogs came out as more popular than cats in every single state, often having more than double the average number of searches per breed.

So, did your favorite dog or cat make it to the top ten? There are plenty of other wonderful varieties out there, each with its own traits and personality that make them perfect for someone. Check out our full list below for more inspiration.

The top ten cats in the USA

1. Maine Coon

At the top of the list is the Maine coon, a large cat native to the state of Maine where it has the honor of being the official state cat. The Maine coon is known to have a friendly and intelligent personality, while its gentle and social nature makes it a great choice for people with families and other pets.

2. Bengal

The second most popular cat breed is the Bengal cat. This fashionable feline has a richly colored coat, distinctive for its spotted and marble patterns. The Bengal cat is also highly inquisitive by nature and is known for its being highly energetic. These friendly cats are always ready to play but can be equally happy curling up on your lap for a cozy nap.

3. Savannah

Taking the bronze medal is the Savannah cat, another spotted breed whose distinctive ears and beautiful coat hint at its wild ancestor, the African serval. These active cats love to play and can leap and jump an impressive distance. Their inquisitive nature means you’ll often find them in high-up places, sitting on top of doors, refrigerators, and ledges. 

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