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The Best AC Brands for Offices

Getting a new AC for your office can be a surprising challenge. While you might be able to buy an air conditioner for your home without doing too much research, an office is very different. You often have a bigger space to cover, the air needs to circulate longer in the different areas, and your employees might want to have temperature control for their offices.

Employees that are kept at a reasonable temperature are productive employees, so getting the best air conditioner for your office is essential. There are a lot of great AC brands out there that can benefit your office, and we’ve collected the best in this review.

What To Look for in an Office Air Conditioner?

Before you go looking for your new office AC, you should have a few factors in the back of your mind. First, think about the size of the area that your AC is going to cover. Smaller enclosed spaces require less cooling capacity than larger ones. The number of people in the room is also something that you will need to consider.

The more people that are using the same room translates to more cooling power on your AC. You want to get an AC that can comfortably control the room temperature without being set on high all the time, as this can cause wear and tear on the machine.

Types of Office AC Units

Several different types of AC units can be beneficial for your office. The most common type is a split system. You won’t be spending money installing ductwork inside your ceiling for larger offices with a split system as the unit doesn’t need that. Plus, each outlet has its own thermostat to allow for perfect customization.

Portable AC units can be useful for one room offices or coworking spaces. While they are a bit louder and take a bit more time to install than traditional air conditioning units, you will have a self-contained unit that can cool down smaller areas without using too much power.

Finally, a ducted system can also work, although it does take some more time to install. You will also need to make sure the ducts’ layout goes through your office ceilings and works effectively.

Even if you know the type of AC unit you want to use, finding the perfect brand for your office can be challenging. There are many options out there, and it can be tough picking one over the other. Thankfully there are some good brands out there that fit the bill perfectly and can help cool your building down.

Trane’s Split Systems

The Trane brand of AC units is a good place for any office building to start off. You can find various split systems at high-efficiency levels for both large and small businesses. Whether you need something smaller to keep your customers comfortable or a larger unit to cool off your entire office, Trane has something for you.

Their AC units are durable, efficient, and have an energy efficiency ratio between 13-18 seer. Additionally, each unit is customizable when you order so that you can match your AC’s design with the needs of your small business or office. No paying for anything you don’t need, both in the short and long term.


It’s not just the name of a car dealership, but also an AC service that makes suitable units for your office. The company focuses on giving every room in your office a unique touch that will provide comfort no matter where you are in the office, instead of focusing on a blanket AC unit that makes all rooms the same temperature with no custom options.

The systems are versatile, can be controlled by a smartphone, and can be customized to meet everyone’s personal needs. Plus, there’s no fancy installation or complicated wiring, you just need to attach the indoor and outdoor units together, and then you are all set. If you want full customization over your office’s AC, this is the brand for you.

Carrier Air Conditioning

This brand of AC units always seems to be on the cutting edge with new innovations. Still, you can be confident every air conditioning unit is made with sustainability in mind. Their AC units will run without disrupting your energy costs or the environment.

They focus on green buildings and environmentally friendly regulations, making them a good choice if you want to lower your business’s carbon footprint.

Plus, the installation is easy, and you will be able to track the unit’s performance to make sure it is doing everything it can for your business.

Daikin Advantage

For larger offices, there is undoubtedly a demand for customizability in the air conditioning. One floor might want the AC colder than another floor does, or your employees might have their own offices and want custom temperature control. The multi-split air conditioner is designed to provide total customization and control for your business.

The air conditioners are adaptable, focused on saving energy, and allowing climate control for each zone that you set up. Plus, it’s reliable and able to be installed in more places than your typical air conditioner, perfect if your office is short on available space.

Do You Need The Perfect Brand?

While a lot of AC shopping can focus on picking the perfect brand and putting your trust in it, know that most brands are the same. No matter what AC unit you end up buying, you will be getting a machine that can cool down your office and last for a long time. What’s more important is that you purchase the type of machine that will support your office and the employees who are working in it.

Figure out your needs and the needs of your office space first, and then start shopping around for brands that meet that criteria. Then you’ll have the perfect temperature control for your office, and everyone will be much happier when they get back to work!

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