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After a hectic summer day at work, you long to return home and relax in the coolness of your home. Only, it isn’t as cool as you expected. Your AC unit has developed another fault, and now, you’re going to have to call in the repairman. This is the 3rd time this month. You need to get it fixed fast, lest you spend the next few days in sweltering misery.

With the advent of HVAC, two systems came into being: There were the real ones, which would cool a large building in the middle of a Texas summer. And then there was a large influx of companies offering often shabby knock-offs with poor customer service and after-sale follow-ups. This means researching the right brand for your AC unit has become a necessity.

In this article, we’ll be discussing our 5 best AC unit brands, which are categorized based on certain factors like energy efficiency, the number of compressor options available, the number of available condenser fans, presence of a heating option, noise level, and warranty and price. Life is about trade-offs, and there’s certainly no such thing as a perfect AC system. But with this guide, you’ll at least get a decent idea of what you should go for.

Just as a side note: Even though we all have that DIY-enthusiastic side in us that makes us want to install our AC units ourselves, we recommend calling a professional HVAC tech. A professionally done installation is not only way safer, but can immensely increase the shelf life of your AC unit.


American Standard is one of the best makers of central AC units in the AC business, having fewer calls for repairs than most other brands do. The ACCUCOMFORT VARIABLE SPEED PLATINUM 20 AC unit, like other American Standard AC units, has a regulated energy efficiency with a mediated energy output, which reduces your electric bill.

The AC unit comes with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio) of 22, one of the best in the industry, which allows for its energy efficiency. Also included in the framework of this AC unit are 2-stages compressor options which have both high and low speed. The high speed compressor works to keep the whole room cool, while the second, slower compressor cools down the first compressor, increasing its efficiency. This thing has an AC system for its AC system.


Less time to cool larger rooms

Less noise produced

Easy installation process

Energy humidity control

High energy efficiency level


Not for small rooms

More expensive


Carrier HVAC system is a leader in the AC industry, being the first producer of AC in the early 19th century. The Carrier Infinity 25 VNA possesses one of the most adaptable and efficient heat pumps, having an HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) of 13.

Installed on the Carrier Infinity 25 VNA is a silencer, which helps to reduce noise. It’s got a SEER score of 20.5, which is pretty good. It also has an innovative engineering feature known as “Greenspeed Intelligence” which is coupled with adaptable speed technology to create an environmentally friendly, but very powerful, AC unit.


Environmentally friendly

Energy efficient

High SEER score of 20.5


Reported less-than-stellar customer service


Unlike the other brands listed here that are Central AC units, the LG 8016ER AC unit is a window AC unit. In fact, it just so happens to be the best overall AC window unit, giving it a spot on our list. The LG 8016ER comes with 3 fan speeds, and an energy-saver option to minimize energy use and reduce your energy bill.

This AC unit comes with a SEER rating of 12, which is impressive enough and perfect if you need a window AC that can cool your entire room without consuming too much energy. Unlike the others on this list, the LG 8016ER possesses just 1 compressor, has a shorter warranty period, and is noisier compared with central AC units.



Portable and easier to install than central AC



Lesser warranty period

Can’t cool large spaces


Trane AC units are best known for their warranty - this one has a warranty of 10 years. The TRANE XL18i like most of the other central AC units in this group has a 2-stage compressor option, 2 condenser fans, lower noise levels, and a SEER rating of 18.5.

Its condenser fan is integrated with a blade-down design to reduce noise and increase efficiency. It also has an aluminum evaporator coil that prevents corrosion, and enhances heat transfer during the colder months.

This AC unit was built not to corrode, crack, or warp with the use of high-quality materials like steel lowered panels with baked-on paint that protect the unit from weather hazards and corrosion.


Higher reliability level

Good warranty period

Best heat pumps

More durable


Reportedly poor after-sale service


If you have a smaller budget, but still need a central AC unit, then this model is the best for you. The Rheem RA20, if installed well, is honestly great for the price and durable enough for regular home use. With a SEER rating of 20, it’s got plenty of power.

Even though it’s cheap to buy and run, it still has 2 compressor options, 2 condenser fans, a heating system, and efficient energy optimization to reduce energy consumption.

The RA20 has a plastic thermosetting with a metal body, so it obviously isn’t the most durable of AC units. To make up for it, it’s got enhanced insulation with rubber casings for different movable parts of the AC unit which helps to reduce the level of noise it produces.


Low purchase and running cost

Good efficiency

Impressive warranty period


Poor after-sale service

Noisier than the best central systems

Yippee! Now that we’re done listing out the best AC units on the market, it’s time for you to whip out your wallet and go shopping for your perfect AC solution. Always remember to employ a professional HVAC tech to do the installation.

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