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The Best Place to Put Your Air Purifier

It is important to do your research when purchasing an air purifier. Every air purifier works differently, and some work better in certain spaces than others. Once you have acquired the best air purifier for yourself and your space, it is important to find and place it in the correct spot.

Placement of your air purifier is just as pertinent as the type of air purifier. If you put it in a bad spot, it could become a complete waste of money and space. Below you will find some questions you should ask yourself when choosing where to put your air purifier. These questions will give you a better understanding of how your purifier works in your space and what you can do to ensure it’s doing the best it can do for you and your home.

Where is the Highest Concentration of Pollutants?

The first aspect you should consider when deciding where to put your air purifier is the concentration of pollutants. Checking where the highest concentration of pollutants is can be easy using:

  • Your eyes: Check around for any smoke or mold. These are two pollutants that are clear and visible to the naked eye.
  • Your nose: You can smell where there may be more pollutants, such as smoke, in the air. If there’s a strong smell, then something is causing that smell.
  • Your allergies: Are your allergies worse at night or in the morning when you’re in your bedroom? Do they react the most when watching TV in your living room? The spots where your allergies react the most will be an area of high concentration you can focus on.

Once you’ve investigated where the highest concentration of pollutants is, you’ll have a better idea of the area you should keep your air purifier in. The overall air quality throughout your home will drastically increase if the air where most of the pollutants come together is being purified first and foremost. Just remember: closer to the pollutant = quicker purification.

Are You Accounting for Air Flow?

Your air purifier will be able to clean the air quicker if the air flow surrounding it is good. If you place your purifier where there is a lot of air flow, the purifier will be able to capture this air immediately for purification.

Consider placing your air purifier near a window or doorway. Placing it by a window or door is like using it as a first line of defense, getting all the air as soon as it enters that space. However, if the door or window is open then that is causing the purifier to work extra hard. Avoid keeping doors and windows open while running the air purifier, otherwise it will be a never ending flow of dirty air coming at your purifier. Give it the time it needs to tackle the air already in the space before introducing more air.

Another great spot would be on a wall. If the manufacturer of your purifier says that it can be mounted on the wall, listen to it. Indoor air circulation moves horizontally and vertically, therefore off the ground will be a good place. Keeping your air purifier elevated will allow for it to capture air that is flowing vertically. Try to keep your air purifier away from any corners. Placing it in a corner will prevent it from getting the air flow it should in order to continuously clean the air. The two walls of the corner will block flow inhibiting it from doing its job as effectively as possible.

Are There Any Obstacles?

You may want to hide your purifier behind or below some furniture to keep it out of sight as they are not always the nicest looking things—don’t do this. Air purifiers should have at least three feet of space between it and something else, which will allow for optimal air flow. Keep the space around the purifier clear of any obstacles, such as the tv or a dresser. The more space it has, the quicker and easier it will be to clean the air it is sucking in.

Avoid putting your purifier too close to electronic devices as well. Electronic devices require their own space, just like air purifiers, especially if they run on similar wavelengths which can cause interference, so keep them a safe distance apart. It may seem like a good spot with enough space and a bit out of sight, but do not put your purifier behind your TV.

What is the Humidity Here?

Interestingly enough, humidity actually inhibits an air purifier from doing its job. Humidity causes the air to become heavy which causes the purifier to work harder, which is not good for it. Places with higher humidity are the bathroom and the kitchen. Although these may seem like the best places to put the purifier due to mold, they are actually areas that can hurt more than help.

How Can I Better My Air Purifiers Efficiency When it Comes to Placement?

When you think about placement of your air purifier, there are a plethora of places you can put it that take into account all the above questions you’ve considered. Here is something else to consider: move the air purifier around. Most purifiers are portable for a reason. You could move the purifier in accordance with your movement, placing it in the bedroom at night, then moving into the living room during the day, or to the baby’s room during their nap. This will also allow the purifier to filter as much air as possible in different places, ensuring maximum filtration throughout your entire space, instead of just one area. The average air purifier you can find at a store can only handle a certain sized space. In summation, the best place to put your air purifier is:

  • Near a high concentration of pollutants
  • Off the ground
  • Near a (closed) door or window
  • Away from corners
  • Places with high air flow
  • Clear of humid areas
  • Far from obstacles
  • Away from electronic devices

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