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What is an Air Scrubber and Why Do I Need One?

Nowadays, air quality should be the top priority of homeowners and business owners. Concerns about air quality are at an all time high as the COVID-19 pandemic has alerted us to the importance of the air we breathe. So what can you do to better the air quality of your home or workplace?

The answer is an air scrubber. What is an air scrubber? An air scrubber is an air purifying device that attaches to your HVAC system. By attaching directly to the ductwork, this device will purge the air of any and all pollutants that can make you feel ill or make you sick.

Air scrubbers are generally low-maintenance devices that remove pollutants of all types from your local air. Those who install air scrubbers report that their air quality is significantly improved. Air scrubbers use state-of-the-art technology to eliminate air pollutants.

In this article, we’ll go over everything about air scrubbers. We’ll discuss the benefits of owning an air scrubber, how they stand out from other air purification products, and if an air scrubber would make a good addition to your home.

What do Air Scrubbers Do?

When air flows through your AC system, it must pass through the air scrubber. The device has a honeycomb filter matrix that’s typically constructed of titanium-dioxide. Once the air is inside of the device, it is exposed to ultraviolet light that completely eradicates airborne contaminants.

This is the key difference between an air scrubber and an HVAC filter, air scrubbers don’t only trap contaminants, but it kills them. There are even more advanced types of air scrubbers that convert dead potential contaminants into oxidizers that are so powerful that they will go on to kill other contaminants.

These air scrubbers are so effective that they don’t only keep your air clean, but they can help you keep the rest of your home clean. These oxidants can go anywhere in your home; to places like countertops, cushions, mattresses, carpets, and your vents to eradicate all possible air pollutants.

Additionally, there are air scrubbers that utilize ozone technology to keep the air in your home or workplace smelling pleasantly. Many building and home renovation professionals use air scrubbers to make the renovated space feel like new. You can take advantage of this amazing technology to achieve the same result without overhauling your entire home.

In summary, air scrubbers are not only the best technology available for keeping your home free of pollutants, they are capable of killing and exterminating any and all air pollutants.

The Benefits of Owning an Air Scrubber

Air scrubber systems are the absolute best solution for air quality problems. In manufacturer trials, air scrubbers have been proven to eliminate around 90% of all air pollutants in an area within an hour of installation. Anyone in your home with lung issues that cannot be exposed to air pollutants will benefit greatly from the inclusion of an air scrubber in their home.

If you have pets at home that shed, an air scrubber can help trap and neutralize any bacteria or pathogens carried in the dander. Those who are allergic to dander will reduce their symptoms significantly once an air scrubber has been installed. On top of that, having an air scrubber can help prevent sinus infections in the Spring.

Pollen flies freely through the air in copious amounts in the Spring, and this causes millions of Americans to suffer from at least one case of the common cold or sinus infection yearly. Having an air scrubber in the home or workplace will trap and neutralize any pollen particles that enter the home.

If you, your family, or your employees are vulnerable to seasonal allergies, an air scrubber is the best way to make the interior free of pollutants and pathogens that can wreak havoc on your lungs.

Can Air Scrubbers Kill COVID-19?

One of the biggest questions on the mind of many people around the world's how can I reduce my risk of contracting COVID-19? You may be surprised to learn that air scrubbers are a unique and actually very effective way to mitigate COVID-19 risk. The mechanics of the air scrubber make this possible.

Since air scrubbers work to not only trap pathogens but kill them, these amazing devices are able to kill COVID-19 that has been trapped inside of it. On top of that, certain types of air scrubbers can even kill COVID-19 on any surfaces that it may exist on in the building.

In a series of December 2020 trials conducted by the FDA, ActivePure technology has been shown to eliminate roughly 99% of SARS-CoV-2 instances. This technology can be used in conjunction with air scrubbers, making your home or workplace less likely to allow COVID-9 particles to flow freely.

Types of Air Scrubbers

There are two main types of air scrubbers: portable and integrated. Portable air scrubbers can be taken from location to location. They’re most commonly used by renovators due to the high amount of debris construction work like that causes. This type of scrubber is designed for long-term use in your space, and cannot be incorporated into the ventilation system.

Portable air scrubbers are convenient because of their easy setup and portability. These cannot be used in the home permanently because they are large industrial units, unlike small home air purifying units. Instead of recirculating air in your home, these units expel contaminated air outside of the building.

Integrated air scrubbers, on the other hand, are a more permanent piece of technology for your home or office. Integrated air scrubbers are installed into your home’s existing HVAC system and are designed to be kept there long-term. Unlike portable air scrubbers, integrated air scrubbers work constantly and kill air contaminants.

They also recirculate clean or oxidized air to further eradicate any contaminants that may still be present in the air or on various surfaces in your home or office. Air scrubbers are truly the best solution for the question of indoor air quality, and if your interested in keeping the air you breathe clean, you should consider getting an air scrubber installed in your home or office.