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Apartment vs. House: Which is better to rent?

Ok, this is a big question. I mean, whichever you pick, you’ll probably be living there for at least a few years. We should probably take this pretty seriously. Like most things, however, we can analyze this big question by breaking it down into smaller questions.

Now, to do this, we should be asking questions like “what are the advantages and disadvantages that come with either renting a house or an apartment?”

There are some deciding factors/criteria necessary to answer before endeavoring to rent an apartment or a house. These factors, when explored correctly, will assist you in knowing and understanding whether you should be opting for a house or an apartment.


What is the budget you have prepared to either rent a house or an apartment? How much have you put aside into an account to be able to pay for the necessary charges that will be incurred to rent and maintain a home? List out what you have budgeted, and use that to help inform your decision.


How much time do you have to carry out the necessary repair or servicing required of your rented house or apartment? Are you ready to repair the HVAC system if it breaks? Will you mow the lawn? This will also inform your answer.


Do you love redesigning, and want to be able to do as you please with your new home? Do you want more freedom to be able to throw your party whenever you want to? Houses and apartments are also very different in these contexts, so we need to keep it in mind.


Do you want a building with all pre-installed amenities like on-site gym, pools, enclosed workspace, etc., available, or do you want to install all these into your home yourself, to your exact liking?

Take a deep breath. You’re well on your way to knowing what exactly you want, and settling this debate in your head.

The Pros and Cons of Renting an Apartment

Apartments cost less, are easier to maintain due to their (usually) space, and are more flexible, as most apartments are located in the city. This means you may be closer to work and experience other attractions that come with being in the city.

Apartments are not as spacious as homes, so you most likely won’t be owning multiple pets (if any). You will have to share a (sometimes very thin) wall with other people, left, right, up and down. Gardens and lawns are also shared.

Of course, for every necessary repair or servicing, the owner or manager of the account is responsible. This takes a lot of stress away in the event something breaks. Do some research on your potential landlord to make sure they don’t have a record of forgoing maintenance.

Pros of living in an apartment:

Usually less costly to rent and maintain

Smaller space means it’s easier to clean and move in and out

Closer proximity to your workplace

Maintenance is done for you

Cons of living in an apartment:

Your neighbors are close, so you can’t throw parties at the volume you want.

Your neighbors will probably have those parties, and you may have to listen to it all night.

Limited parking space

Less ability to design your home to your taste. A lot of apartments have a “no nails” policy for hanging stuff up.

Pros and Cons of Renting a House

A house is more spacious, with the ability to have a private pool, an outdoor lawn, or even a garden. If you have a larger family, a house is usually the better option.

Houses also have more privacy. Most houses are located in the suburbs, so there tends to be more space between each building. This space gives more privacy to throw your parties whenever you want, leisure outside with your pet, and practice with your heavy metal cover without having to be mindful of disturbing your neighbors.

However, due to its distance from the city and its location in the suburbs, a house owner tends to be further from their work. Depending on your city, this could literally mean waking up earlier to beat the traffic. Yuck.

There’s one more little quirk to consider, however. Renting a house isn’t ALWAYS more expensive than renting an apartment. Yes, as a general trend, and for houses and apartments in the same area, apartments are cheaper. But if you’re willing to move outside of the city, you’ll find a larger selection of houses, many of which will be cheaper than apartments in the city. Just something to think about.

Pros of renting a house:

More spacious than an apartment

Less noise and more privacy

More flexibility to redecorate.

Cons of renting a house:

Usually more costly to rent and maintain compared to an apartment

More driving to your workplace and the city

Fewer like bike storage, enclosed workspace, on-site gym, etc.

There you have it. The necessary information you ought to have before you go on a quest to either rent a house or an apartment. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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