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The Top 5 Best Home Improvement Blogs

Home improvement has become something of a lost art. As millennials and Gen-Zers become homeowners, contractors and technicians are seeing an increase in the demand for their services. The data is clear - young people, for the most part, prefer to hire someone for home improvement. As a generalization, they don’t like working on their own homes.

And that’s a real shame, because there’s a lot of value in getting your hands dirty and fixing things yourself. Every time you fix something in your house, you learn. Fixing things yourself also saves a lot of money - the average contractor charges between $25 and $85 per hour. Fixing things yourself also gives you a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, along with pride of a job well done.

The goal of Filter King’s home improvement blog is to instill and reinforce these values in the readers. But it’s not the only great home improvement blog out there.

Here’s a list of our favorite online home improvement blogs, along with reviews and descriptions of each. Find one that appeals to you, and enjoy!


This blog is a perfect balance of practical, effective tips and an awareness of wastefulness and the environment. Remodelaholic is run by an absolutely delightful family, which focuses on recycling and reusing materials in order to reduce the environmental impact that often accompanies renovations.

They have successfully remodeled 4 houses, and are working on a fifth one. All of them are beautiful. Even better, you can buy the blueprints they have created so you can build their projects yourself! This blog, then, is not just a great way to relax and entertain yourself - but an actionable source of step-by-step guides for improving your own home.

If you love a combination of heartwarming family stories and an earth-centric approach to home improvement, this is the blog for you. They even have delicious recipes to impress your guests!

Old Town Home

If you love old houses, this is the blog for you. Alex and Wendy, the bloggers, own two fixer-upper houses. One is a 1908 foursquare a little ways from DC. The other is a Virginia row house built in the 1880s!

Their blog focuses on their process for buying, fixing, renovating, and selling these homes. If you want to make money as a house flipper, Old Town Home is the way to go.

Their highly specialized content reveals the trials and triumphs of flipping old houses. They have guides and tutorials on offer to help you through the process, and they have a ton of free information on their blog as well.

This blog is a rare gem that combines a narrow niche like antique home restoration with the appeal of an easy-to-read blog. Check it out!


HomeRoad is probably the best source out there for trash-to-treasure transformations. Susan is a wife, mother, and grandmother, so she really knows how to nurture stuff into something extraordinary.

If you like saving money, doing crafts, and making your home look amazing, HomeRoad should be your go-to. The blog is all about taking items that no one would want, and carefully transforming them into the best version of themselves they can be.

This process, called “up-cycling”, is Susan’s specialty. But she doesn’t stop there! She has an Amazon store full of amazing additions to your home, from bathroom accessories to place settings. They really are nice looking, so be sure to stop by her blog and learn more!

Decor Hacks

If HomeRoads is the master of taking old stuff and making it beautiful, Decor Hacks is the master of taking cheap stuff and making it beautiful.

Run by Heather, a Salem, OR based mother of four, Decor Hacks sets out with the goal of creating beautiful home decor from stuff you can find for cheap online or at your local crafts store. And with hundreds of tutorials available for free, this is a goal that Decor Hacks absolutely accomplishes.

You don’t have to settle for generic home decor that everyone else has - now, you can customize on the cheap! Turn those boring craft supplies into a conversation starter by checking out this blog!

Sweet C’s Designs

Sweet C’s Designs is more than a home improvement blog. It’s got recipes, travel advice, and so much more. By checking out this blog, you’ll expand your mind, tastebuds, and worldliness.

Sweet C is run by a woman named Courtney, who initially started the blog as a way to connect with women of the same tastes and talents.

Over time, those friendships became a close, tightly-knit audience, which allows Sweet C’s Designs to be the fantastic blog it is.

If you have a sweet tooth, a savory tooth, a desire to travel, or a need to make you home beautiful, Sweet C’s Designs has literally everything you could possibly need!

Check it out to learn more and get ideas for your next bake sale win, home renovation project, or vacation!

Not all home improvement blogs are created equal. The blogs listed above are certainly some of the best, and once you check them out, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Of course, our favorite home improvement blog is our own! Be sure to check back to get more tips on home improvement. Check out our other blogs too, regarding HVAC Guides and Air Filter Troubleshooting. We promise you’ll learn a thing or two.

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