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Furnace Filters on Sale

Furnace Filters on Sale Background

Furnace filters are an important part of the home’s HVAC system. You should always try to get the best air filter possible. Filters with a MERV rating between 8 and 11 are best for most homes. They tend to be more expensive, so if you should ever find a furnace filter on sale, then you should purchase one of the better ones.

MERV means Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and it indicates how efficient the air filter is at trapping particles. Even if a furnace filter with a high MERV rating is not essential, purchasing one if it is on sale is a good investment for any home.

Features to expect in Furnace Filters on Sale

Should one decide to purchase a high MERV-rated furnace filter if it is on sale, then here are some of the allergens and pollutants it will filter out and keep from circulating:

  • Household dust
  • Pollen
  • Dust mites
  • Carpet fibers
  • Mold spores
  • Hair spray
  • Exhaust fumes

Furnace filters with MERV ratings of 8 to 11 will prevent all of the above particulates from circulating. Filters with lower ratings, in the 1 to 7 range, will not trap finer particulates like exhaust fumes. Nevertheless, they should be more than adequate for most people.

How Furnace Filters on Sale should Perform

Furnace filters with a MERV rating of 7 or 8 will provide a good balance of cost and efficiency, they will catch 80% to 95% of particles that are larger than 5 microns. This is efficient enough for most households.

However, homes with more sensitive allergy sufferers should opt for furnace filters with MERV ratings of 9 to 11. Those filters are more efficient and will make the home environment more palatable for them. One caveat is that the furnace fan will have to run full time to get the benefit of the filter.

This will end up costing more so that should be taken into account even if the furnace filter is on sale. Residential homes do not need to go any higher than a MERV rating of 11 because anything higher will lower the airflow, causing the air conditioner’s fan to work harder. The end result is a higher utility bill and possibly worse if the fan gets broken and needs to be replaced.

Recommended Users for Furnace Filters on Sale

Recommended Users for MERV 7 to 8 Rated Furnace Filters

  • Average person(s) with no significant allergies
  • Frugal buyers who don’t need the extra filtration
  • Buyers who want to save money on the air filter and on furnace fan operating costs

Recommended Users for MERV 9 to 11 Rated Furnace Filters

  • Person(s) with severe allergies who need the extra filtration
  • Households that have members with compromised immune systems
  • Anyone who does not mind paying extra for the cleanest air possible

Furnace Filters on Sale: Conclusion

If you are in the market for a furnace filter and come across some furnace filters for sale, then you should endeavor to make the choice that best suits your home and the people who live there. It is tempting to buy the highest MERV rated furnace filter, but that is not always necessary and could even be detrimental to the HVAC system.

The best thing to do if you are unsure of which furnace filter to buy is to think about the needs of your household. If necessary, you can get some advice from any air filter expert you can find. They will be able to quickly set you on the right path to purchasing the furnace filter that perfectly suits your needs.