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Reusable Air Filters

When you are deciding on what type of air filters to purchase, there are several options to choose from. You may order disposable air filters for your home that only require you to periodically swap out the old ones. Disposable air filters are convenient but wasteful and require certain procedures for recycling. Reusable air filters provide your home with an easy, cost-effective way to keep your ventilation systems clear of contaminants.

Washable Air Filters for Home

A washable air filter is different from the disposable kind due to its more durable nature. The filter placed inside your home’s ventilation system cleans the air that passes through it. Effective filters prevent smaller particles from passing through. Washable air filters need maintenance every 3 to 5 months in order to prevent any airflow or quality issues.

Reusable Furnace Air Filters

Furnace filters make sure that the air passing through a furnace leaves clean before going through the rest of your home. Reusable furnace filters consist of material strong enough to last but requiring consistent cleaning. Filter King does offer a subscription service that eliminates the need for washing by simply replacing the filters. If you are aiming to save, then you can wash the filter yourself in order to prevent air quality problems. The filters require cleaning every 3 to 5 months depending on their MERV rating.

MERV Rating and Efficiency

Air filters rank on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value system which provides information on what filters can block against. The filters with high MERV ratings are woven more tightly, to a point where too high of a rating means a filter will start affecting air flow. High MERV rated filters have high filtration rate but are ill-suited for your home.

Reusable air filters for the home have MERV ratings that fall near the center of the scale. A reusable air filter with an average MERV rating does not impede the airflow through a ventilation system. Disrupted airflow causes the system to use more energy to compensate. The extra energy ends up raising the bills for your home’s energy bills. Dirty filters also cause a disruption in airflow. The reusable air filters in your home need consistent cleaning to avoid airflow issues.

How to Clean Your Reusable Air Filters

Cleaning your reusable filters is a simple process.

Check and see if a filter is dirty. Filters in need of cleaning are usually caked in a layer of dirt or dust.

Remove the filter. Be careful in handling it as not to let any of the trapped irritants into your home.

Rinse the filter in water, washing in a sink or tub would work best.

Use a brush and detergent to clean the filter.

Shake the excess water off and drain the frame.

Put the filter back in place. The airflow will dry out any remaining water.

Benefits and Cons of Reusable Air Filters

When you use reusable filters, this eliminates any need to by additional filters to replace them. The cleaning process is simple and easy to follow, and is only needed every few months. You will save on additional filters and on waste by not using a filter that needs replacement every few months. You more save money in the long run by using a reusable filter, even if the initial costs are more expensive.

Talk to an Air Filter Provider About What Filters Would be Best For Your Home

Filter King offers a variety of filters to buy in order to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Washable air filters and reusable furnace filters both provide filtration benefits that keep pollutants out and fresh air in. Contact us and see what options are available and see how you can raise the air quality in your home today.