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Air Filters for Smokers

If you live in a home where smoking is a regular practice then secondhand smoke can become a serious issue. The ventilation system is able to draw in the smoke from inside your home and distribute it from room to room. Air filters for cigarette smoke provide a protective layer for an air system in order to prevent the spread of smoke from both inside and outside. We provide premium air filters that are able to cleanse passing airflow and help keep your home air smelling fresh and clean.

MERV Ratings and Air Filter Efficiency

When you buy an air filter, the first thing to note is that there are different ratings describing their efficiency. Air filters rank on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) system, determining what particles they are able to trap and absorb. Smoke is among the smaller particle and can easily bypass lower-rated air filters. The Filter King Premium filter model rates as an 11 on the MERV scale and is capable of preventing the passage of smoke.

Air Quality Protection Against Smoke

Our premium air filters are able to trap and absorb different kinds of airborne irritants that could cause breathing problems in your home. The airflow in your home needs filtration while coming in and before pumped through the rooms. An unfiltered air system has no way to prevent the travel of smoke, allergens and pollutants and will distribute the particles without any problems.

Air filters work by trapping or absorbing particles in the passing airflow, this process cleans the air and raises indoor air quality. Our air filters do more than just block out smoke; they are constantly cleansing all passing airflow of harmful particles. When an air filter is properly functioning, this means that it will be constantly gathering intruding particles. You air filter will eventually become so covered in dirt and debris that it creates a of blockage that stops airflow and increases billing.

Dirty air filters cause a blockage that prevents airflow from traveling throughout the air system. When the airflow carrying the smoke cannot flow forward out, it builds up and begins to affect the household. Furniture and indoor surfaces may take on a grimy coating and begin to yellow. Your energy bills also see a rise due to the systems increased use of electricity trying to keep the airflow moving forward. Your air filters need periodic maintenance in order to prevent any air system issues.

Installing New Air Filters for a System

Your air system will need to checked in order to make sure that your filters are working properly or if maintenance is required. Your air filters need regular check-ups so that you can catch any problems before they have a chance to develop and affect your home. You will be able to find where your current air filter is by using an air systems owner’s manual. When you need a new filter then you will need to purchase a suitable replacement.

Air filters vary in size and quality, which makes ordering a new one more difficult than just looking for any available. You can find the size of the filter that you need printed on the current air filters cardboard edge. You may then order the correct size along with a quality filter with the MERV rating capable of trapping and absorbing smoke particles. We offer both the product and the delivery service capable of ensuring proper filter replacement monthly.

Have Smoke Blocking Filters Delivered Monthly

The Filter King subscription service allows for regular air filter delivery straight to your home on a monthly basis. Your delivery can is customizable to suit your needs. Available options variants include different sizes, quality and the quantity of filters you need. You can order new filters today and prevent smoke from causing complications in your home.