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Scented Air Filters

When the air filters in an air system need changing the replacement filters you use are modifiable to match your tastes. Standard air filters cleanse the airflow coming through them, improving the indoor air quality of a home. Scented air filters actually add to the air passing through and make it more than fresh and clean smelling. A scented air filter is capable of providing an entire home with a unique smell that lingers throughout its rooms.

Scented Air Filters for Home

Ventilation system filters trap and absorb the airborne irritants that pass through with the airflow. Scented home air filters do the same for your home do the same, but also pass on certain elements that travel with the airflow into a home. Scented home air filters infuse the air in separate rooms with new fragrance, the strength of the smell depending on the filter used. Scented air filters are commonly disposable and require consistent replacement.

Scented Furnace Air Filters

Scented furnace filters help keep the air exiting a furnace clean before it enters a home. The air system pumps airflow into a furnace where it is then heated to the appropriate degree. The heated air is then pushed through the filter and out through the duct system by the blower fan. As airflow passes the filter this cleanses it of intrusive dirt and debris particles. The air is also scented before distribution throughout a home.

Benefits of New Scented Filters

Scented air filters have the same purpose as regular air filters. Filters have the important job of keeping irritants and allergy triggers out of a home. When a home is in an area filled with pollutants or potential allergy triggers and unfiltered system can bring these problems straight to you. Residents of a home are endangered by possible triggers for breathing issues or allergies filling the air.

Areas with high levels of pollutants like smoke or chemicals need proper filtration before the issues enter a home. Scented air filters are especially useful in areas where scented filtration helps protect a home from unwanted smells. New filters also eliminate any complications with blocked airflow.

Scented air filters that have been used for too long begin to become so dirty that they become hindrances to an air system. Airflow is blocked by dirty air filters and the result is the system responding by increasing the strength of the airflow. Increased airflow uses energy that ends up adding to your energy bills. The blocked airflow also leads to stagnant, dry air and even temperature fluctuations throughout separate rooms. New filters are needed to prevent airflow problems and keep your air scented.

How Long Do Scented Filters Last?

Scented air filters are helpful, and add much to the environment of a home, but they do not last forever. As air filters cleanse the air passing through them the absorbed and trapped continents begin to build up. The buildup rate often depends on the environments inherent airborne complications and the filters quality. High quality air filters are able to trap smaller particles, meaning that they clean air and require more frequent maintenance.

MERV Ratings

Scented air filters are rated on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) scale. Air filters with higher ratings have their mesh weave constructed more tightly. The average home uses scented air filters that fall within the average rating range. The filter King standard model filter has a MERV rating of 8. The recommended premium model filter has a MERV rating of 11, and is capable of blocking an extensive list of airborne issues.

Have Your Replacement Filters Delivered On Time

We offer air filters at affordable prices, with a wide variety of options to match your size, quantity and quality needs. The Filter King subscription package even allows for a monthly delivery of new scented air filters. If your filters are becoming old, losing their smell, or breaking down then it is important to have them changed as soon as possible. Order new filters today and make sure your air is kept fresh, healthy, and freshly scented.