MERV 14 Air Filter Review: The Secret Solution to Commercial Ventilation

MERV 14 Air Filter Review

MERV 14 Air Filter Overview

MERV means Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and refers to the efficiency and efficacy of an air or furnace filter in trapping pollutants, particulates, and allergens. The ratings go from 1 to 20 with a MERV rating of 1 being the least effective and 20 being the most.

A MERV 14 air filter is one of the most advanced filters available. However, it is not recommended for use in most residential buildings. The reason is that the higher the MERV rating, the finer the filter, and the finer the filter, the more restricted the airflow. A restricted airflow can strain the fan of the HVAC system and result in a higher energy bill. For that reason, houses and apartments are not advised to use filters with a MERV rating higher than 13.

Key Features of MERV 14 Air Filters

Merv 14 air filters can filter out all of the following airborne particulates:

  • Dust
  • Dust mites
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Mold spores
  • Exhaust fumes
  • Milled flour
  • Smoke
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Droplet nuclei (the droplets from a sneeze or a cough)

Recommended Locations for MERV 14 Air Filters

Superior Commercial Buildings

High end commercial buildings can benefit from the high-quality efficiency of a MERV 14 air filter because the promise of clean air can make the building more desirable to prospective tenants. Clean, breathable air can also help to maintain the satisfaction and contentment of the tenants who are already living in the building

Clean air can help maintain the profitability of a company by reducing the transmission of infectious bacteria or virus carriers. This will help prevent the outbreaks of colds and other forms of sickness that can quickly spread and leave the workforce depleted and/or debilitated. The reduced number of sick days will help the company’s bottom line because a comfortable work environment is also good for employee morale and keeping them motivated and performing at a high level.

Smoking Lounges

If a smoking lounge is located in a place, like an airport, which prohibits smoking in other areas then a MERV 14 filter will prevent the smoke from the lounge from circulating to those other areas. Smoking lounges require the air inside to be exchanged at regular intervals to prevent the air inside of it from getting over-saturated with smoke.

A MERV 14 filter can effectively facilitate this exchange and keep the indoor environment as clean as it can get. Smokers don’t want to be surrounded by a cloud of smoke all the time so a good air filter will lower the amount of smoke to tolerable levels.

MERV 14 Air Filter Review: Conclusion

A MERV 14 air filter is essential for a commercial building because it can help to promote a clean and safe work or living environment. A clean indoor air environment can help to prevent the spread of infection and keep tenants and employees healthy. Happy tenants are likely to recommend the building to others and healthy employees will help to increase a company’s productivity.

The HVAC system is a vital part of a smoking lounge and a good air filter is a vital part of the HVAC system. A MERV 14 air filter will help to stop the smoke from spreading to other non-smoking areas. It will also help to prevent the air from getting saturated with cigar or cigarette smoke, which helps to keep the loungers comfortable.

Ultimately, a MERV 14 air filter is a necessity for anyone who owns, lives in, or works in a superior commercial building. In fact, the argument could be made that a MERV 14 air filter is what makes a building superior.