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General Air Filters

Air filters have their use in ventilation, furnace, and AC systems to protect against airborne problems pumped inside. An air system will bring in fresh air along with any particles that happen to be floating in the air at the time. Air filters trap and absorb particles as they pass by and leave the clean airflow. The cleansed air then provides the home with fresh, clean-smelling air and no issues that could cause breathing problems.

Filter Protection

Air filters keep out allergens and pollutants that could cause the air you breathe to become uncomfortable or unsafe. When a person is subject to breathing in heavy amount of airborne irritants, this may cause breathing problems or allergies to develop. For people who already have breathing problems and allergies then exposure to irritants such as smoke, pollution, pet dander or pollen could trigger a reaction.

Clean air filters raise indoor air quality while also avoiding the problems that dirty air filters cause in environment and billing. When airflow in an air system is poor, then the effect is dry, stagnant air throughout various rooms. Dirty air filters also create a blockage due to their buildup in trapped dirt and debris that continues to build up over time. A blockage affects airflow and causes the air system to compensate for the issue.

An air system will attempt to force past a blockage by increasing the energy it uses to push airflow harder. When an air system increases its efforts to maintain airflow, then the resulting spike in electrical usage has its cost. Your energy bills will see a rise over time and will continue to burden you financially until a new filter put in. Fortunately, filter replacement is a quick and easy process.

New Filters in the System

You should make sure that an air system is working properly by first checking to see if it needs maintenance. Air filters are a layer of protection and when they become dirty or worn then that layer becomes less effective. You will need a new filter put in place in order to prevent airflow problems or air quality problems.

The first step in air filter replacement for any filter type is to locate where the filter's location. The air filter’s location in the owner’s manual for your air system. The old air filter is then removed, leaving the space open for your new, clean one. You will need to be sure that the new filter is similarly sized to the old one. You can see the size of the filter you need by reading the nominal size number series off of the cardboard edge of the old filter. The new filter will fit in place and work to the full effect that its MERV rating allows.

Air Filter MERV Rating

An air filter ranks on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) system, which determines its effectiveness. The higher MERV rated a filter is the tighter the weaving of its mesh components. Higher MERV rated filters are more expensive, in costs and in usage, which makes them more suitable for industrial and commercial use.

A residence benefits from having filters that have a more moderate MERV rating. Balanced filters provide equal parts protection and affordability. Our Filter King Model filters are ideal for home environments and orders are customizable to suit specific needs.

Filter King Brand Air Filters

Our air filters come in two different models: standard and premium. The standard style model ranks as an 8 on the MERV scale and can block out basic irritants. We recommended purchasing our premium model air filter, which rated as an 11 on the MERV scale. The premium air filter is able to block out basic irritants and more including:

  • Bacteria
  • Dust Mites
  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Smoke
  • Viruses
  • Mold

Both of our filters models work with efficiency in mind due to the difficulty that comes with high MERV ratings. If a filters mesh weaving is too tight, then airflow will actually have trouble coming through. You will need a powerful air system or extra money for the required energy usage to effectively use a high MERV rated filter. Our filters provide ease of use and freedom of airflow in mind, and our delivery service brings them right to your door.

Order General Air Filters Straight to Your Door

We offer a subscription service that has new filters brought straight to your door. Your order is customizable to the extent where it is possible to choose quality, quantity, size, and delivery rate. You should have your filters delivered as often as monthly to avoid any issues with blocked airflow. Order today and enjoy the fresh, clean smell of filtered air.